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Second Life London in Guardian Virtual Cities Assignment

June 25, 2014 • News

Second Life London History

London has been in Second Life since 2006. It’s been featured in many press articles and even on the BBC2 Money program with reporter Max Flint.

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London Bus in Second Life

Bus tours round London in Second Life

London in Second Life is a busy community and thrives and grows – just like a real city. Buildings evolve,  come and go and areas change around the people who live, work, play and shop there.

London Mayfair in Second Life

Streets in London Mayfair

People live, shop and socialise in London – just as with real life. So don’t be surprised if you come face to face with an unusual character, just like in real life. In Second Life London though be ready to stop and chat and spend the time of day with a complete stranger. It’s just ‘the way things are done’ ’round here.

When asked why London doesn’t look exactly the same as it did last year? The reply is ‘because it’s grown and evolved’. It’s a community formed by the people for the people and has been part of Second Life for 8 years now. London now looks forward to the next 8 years of its Second Life.

Take a look at some of the pictures taken in London in Second Life and visit us by clicking on one of the pictures at the top. It will take you straight to us. Come and visit us today  for a welcome with a friendly greeting.

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