Halloween celebrations in Hyde Park by Jas (Blog 176)

November 1, 2013 • Entertainment, Music, News

At Club Jellybean in Hyde Park the guests and staff  of the London Sims. The event was split into two parts – each with a thousand Linden prize for the best dressed avatar. DJ Draconia was first on – ably assisted by the lovely Destiny as host, the music was dark and demonic , which suited the occasion perfectly.


Then, it waHALLOWEEN 2013 Jelly beans over to DJ Candi who kept up the fun atmosphere as only she can do! There was an eclectic mix of music and the hostess was the scarily dress Jayden (above), who had come with demented smile and a large knife. She assured me that she wasn`t dangerous though!


Great fun was had by all and the split- pot ensured that most people on the board won at least a hundred Lindens! For special occasions  or just everyday parties Club Jellybean- and all the other venues in the London Sims- are  guaranteed  to give  you the best parties!

Check out photos of the event by clicking the link below.

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