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October 29, 2014 • Entertainment, News, Second Life

Visit the Best Halloween Destination

London is well loved in Second Life and got a fabulous place on the Destination Guide Featured Events Category!

Haunted London

Come see London get haunted for Halloween! Visit the Haunted House apparition, collect severed heads for freebies, hunt ghosts to win L$5000, find the trick & treat and Candyman rooms and more! Check out the Second Life London schedule for more at

Visit in Second Life

Thank you Linden Lab for choosing London as a great place to visit over Halloween. Once again, the London Team have pulled the stops out and are making a LOUD noise about this festive season.

20141022 DG Halloween Destination

London Haunted House

Yes we have all the macabre and creepy stuff you expect, but we also wanted to make it a lot lighter for you. So we have included a Candy Room and a Happy Pumpkin area alongside the other creepy things. Visit the Candy Room for all sorts of goodies. See what you can catch here and try not to be afraid of the spiders.

20141022 DG Halloween Destination

Candy Room

If you know of BeetleJuice, you’ll recognise another of our spooky rooms in the haunted house. One of the rooms is entirely dedicated to this film and the cartoons. So come along and get lost in fantasy.

20141022 DG Halloween Destination

Beetle Juice

London as a Halloween destination is essential. You have all sorts of places to go to and things to find here. This Halloween destination is full of tricks and treats for everyone. So which will it be? Trick or Treat?

20141024 halloween destination

Trick or Treat? You choose!

There are lots of Halloween freebies to be found inside severed heads. If you dare to go hunting for them, you may end up lucky. Or you may just end up with a severed head instead!

halloween destination

A gruesome reward?

You’ll also be able to take part on the action packed ‘Ghost Hunt’ in London Mayfair. So get out your zapping wands out and bust some ghosts. If you are the highest scorer you may well just win the prize of $5000 Lindens too! Get yourself on the scoreboard and see how well you fare here today.







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