Halloween Haunting

October 26, 2014 • Entertainment, Music, News, Second Life

Halloween is a time for haunting and scary happenings. It’s trick or treat time, where children of all ages knock on doors begging for their sugar fix hoping to scare the inhabitants in the bargain too.

This weekend we start to prepare for Halloween in London. With the clocks going back this weekend, it seems like the perfect occasion to think about darker nights and even darker deeds.

London has its own ‘Haunted House’. But dare you go there? It’s forbidding to enter and cuts a spectral air on the park. With its own peculiar weather system and foreboding gates, it’s a challenge to even enter the grounds.

20141022 DG Halloween House

London’s Scary Halloween House

Open this weekend, if you’re brave enough, you can enter the deathly hallows of the London Haunted House.

This house has been fully decorated by the London Team and their friends. If you like what they’ve done give this post a thumbs up.

20141022 DG Halloween 14

Spooky Room in London’s Haunted House

Haunts in London

Looks like London’s been invaded by haunted happenings. There are plenty of Halloween events this week. This includes a Ghost Hunt to win $5000 and a collection of severed heads to find. The house is stuffed full of great freebies – IF you can find them!

Follow the links to the Haunted House and find out what’s been happening in London. Keep your eyes on the events schedule to find out when you will be joining the party.

Halloween Events in London

halloween schedule

Click Picture for the London Halloween Schedule

Popular London Events To Be Repeated This Year

20131021 JB_007

Park Parties throughout Halloween. Best in Witches competitions.

horror in the park_035

Gory Merry Go Round, to be found in the Haunted Garden

20131005 JB Candi_017

Angels and Devils of course for Halloween


The now famous Ghost Hunt. This year to be held in London Mayfair.

20131019 events JB_063

Shopping for Halloween Outfits in London Mayfair


Great DJs spinning the decks for Halloween

Horror He Who Shall Not Be Named

He Who Cannot Be Named lurks in the grounds of London this week

20131019 events JB_011

The Ripper better known as Jason Keegan haunts the London scene


Halloween Bough with eyes that watch you – Also available in the London Designs Store. Click this link to find out more. Great decoration at just $50

halloween scram outfits.

Are you screaming yet? If not visit the markettplace for the London Scream Outfit. In both male and female versions. The Price of $50 is simply murder. Click this picture to visit the market place.


Is it Friday 13th yet? Get your very own ‘Jason’ mask for just $10. Available from the marketplace. Just click this picture link to get one.


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