Halloween, Hyde Park And Spooky Ghost Tales From RL London by Jas (Blog 175)

October 29, 2013 • Music, News

Hyde Park is the place to be this Halloween(Thursday 31st) – with a massive party starting at 11am(Second Life Time) or 6pm (Brit time). DJ Draconia and DJ Candi are in charge of the sounds at club Jellybean in the park – and you couldnt be in safer hands. I cant say the surrounding sims will be as safe, though, but be sure to check them out, too, while you are here. In Knightsbridge there is the ominously titled “Big Ben – Tower of Doom”, theres an interactive "GhostHunt"game in another part of the park and Mayfair has been completely taken over by some renegade zombies! There will be two contests- each with 1K on the board- with the best dressed avatars bound to pick up some Lindens. Theres even some helpful boards around the place to give you tips on how to survive the night, including my favourite “Don`t be a hero- the hot chick who was gonna give you some is not worth becoming the undead.”


With Halloween celebrations in mind I decided to look into ghostly myths set in the parts of real-life London that we have in the the London Sims. Sifting though the literally hundreds of tales involving spectres in London I came across several that would fit very nicely into our area.

In Kensington, for example, there are said to be the ghosts of several members of the royal family.In 1690, Queen Mary died of Smallpox within a week of moving into Kensington Palace and is said to haunt the area. Then, in 1702, Queen Anne took to the throne and moved there. She had 17 pregnancies – nearly all of which ended in miscarriage or stillbirth-any children that lived mysteriously didn`t make it beyond their 2nd birthday. Then,she finally had Prince William, who mysteriously died on his eleventh birthday when he “danced so much that he fell into a fitful sleep, never to awake again.” There definitely seemed to be something weird going on round those parts!

Just outside Kensington tube station there was said to be the ghost of a woman pulling “grotesque faces” , and in Kensington Church Street, in the twentieth century, a house was reported to be haunted by a girl looking not unlike Alice in Wonderland. Could it be that London Team member Keira was subconsciously influenced by this when she created the Wonderland themed Second Life Hyde Park last summer?

In Mayfair there are even more spooky spectre stories. Where Marble Arch now stands there used to be the site of  Tyburn gallows, and the origins of Speakers Corner (in which you always have voice access in our sims) lie tales of the   condemned saying their final words there.

Along nearby Bayswater Road, which has property to rent in the London Sims, there was said to be a ghostly nineteenth century coach and horses which appeared from time to time. Maybe the naming of the recently re-opened Coach and Horses pub had something to do with this myth.

In Hyde Park corner there was a mysterious “Grey Lady” who was said to be a nurse from St George`s hospital. Only seen by the seriously ill her arrival was seen as a bit of a bad omen!

And, number 50 Berkeley Street  Mayfair was once known as London`s most haunted house. People were afraid to live there and there are two stories of people who spent the night there- after several pints it has to be said- and died grotesquely under mysterious circumstances.

So, maybe you are safest staying out of real-life London this Halloween and heading instead for our Second life version.

As Autumn leaves start to sprinkle Hyde Park in the London Sims , a whole variety of fun things seem to have sprung up around the place. too. Hire a boat for a sail around the Serpentine lake – or check out the strange underwater kingdom below, and- after a quick coffee or something stronger at the nearby cafe and bar- you can hire a horse to take a ride around-or just stroll around the park and see what you can find. For those craving more adventure there is a newly built Go Kart track , or take a ride on the enormous roller coaster.

Club Jellybean which has some of the best DJs Second Life has to offer and cash prizes on the contest board every night. For those of you who feel like settling down in the London Sims there are house to rent in the surrounding sims  of Mayfair, Knightsbridge and Kensington (some with beautiful views over the park), which are available to rent from 299 Linden Dollars a week. Also at the moment we have some gorgeous cottages to rent overlooking the Diana memorial fountain, which are well worth checking out.

For those of you with Lindens burning a hole in your pockets there are plenty of exciting shops to browse in – and bargains to be had – as you create your very own Second Life London look.

At the moment we have a Halloween fair going on in the park, too, so  theres no excuses not to be the best dressed avatar this Thursday. Local residents have got into the seasonal spirit, too, and you can see pumpkins and other decorations outside many of the houses in the sims.  Whichever season you come to Hyde Park and the surrounding London sims in, youll find new and exciting things to do – and meet the friendliest staff, too!




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