Halloween Review

November 2, 2014 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Music, News, People, Second Life

Halloween review of London Events

If you missed it, here is the video rerun of Halloween in London this year taken by our good friend to London, Janusz Rau. If you see yourself in it, tag yourself with a comment and ‘like’ on Facebook.

Halloween Party winners get $6000 Lindens

Halloween Review

Halloween Hour Arrives

The night brought out three great DJs for Halloween, 3 great hosts and lots of great prizes were won.

A big thanks to Roach and his team for keeping us entertained all night long in Hyde Park. The Dj’s and hosts went on for 6 whole hours playing chilling sounds, classic horror hits and Gothic revival music – as well as popular tunes from across time.

Halloween Review

DJ Roach Draconia just hanging it all out

First up was Ali with host Lazy. Ali played for 2 hours solid outside the Haunted House taking us from 8-10 pm. Next DJ Draconia played his sounds with Host Sun taking us up to the midnight hour.

Halloween Review

DJ Ali

Halfway through the set Ebbe Linden dropped in to enjoy some of the music playing. At the midnight hour, we had over 80 people in the park enjoying the music. While lucky winners were each taking away $1500 with them for their crazy scary and bizarre costumes. At Midnight DJ Donna took over with Host LabRat by her side. This duo took us all the way to 2am, well beyond the witching hour.

Halloween House

Thanks to Bigga and everyone who contributed to the Halloween House. They all made it one of the nicest and spookiest I have ever seen.

Snapshot 15 (02-11-2014 17-20)

Haunted House Event attended by Ebbe Linden

Decorated by some of the London Team and some regulars, the house was a great mix of scary and cute. In our Halloween review of the event, we found it very popular. Halloween traffic hit over 15k just for the single night.

Mayfair Ghost Hunt Winner gets $5000 Lindens

Thank you Wiccy for the Ghost Hunt, where $5000 Lindens was well won by Didi for scoring the top Ghost kills in London. This year the hunt is a new improved version, with mesh phantom ghosts flying all over the place. Hunters were very aware of their quarry through their HUD which told them when a spectral presence was near.

Halloween Review

Hunting Haunted Ghosts

When you hear the words “I am the Spectre. The Month of October brings thrills and chills! Come find me, brave hunter, and claim thy prize hidden within! I am the Evil Intent.” you know an apparition is about to appear, so prepare and hunt your spook.

Halloween Review

Hunting Ghosts

 Severed Head Search

Thank you to Keira for her amazing severed heads – yes you heard right! Keira placed severed heads around the sim. All packed with quality freebies. I never knew Keira had so many heads. Maybe she’s the Hydra in disguise?

20141026 keira's head_001

Keira’s Heads containing nice surprises

Also thank you to all the merchants who donated prizes to both the head hunt and the Ghost Hunt.

Halloween Review

For the UK visitors this was a classic British event which we do every year to thrill and chill you. The Ghost Hunt was part of last year’s festivities, as was the Haunted House. This Year’s newcomers to the event were the Party in the Haunted House and Keira’s Head Hunt. Both were a great success.

Snapshot 2 (02-11-2014 18-52)

Janusz Rau as Lord Of The Sith with Count Dracula

Take a look at the video taken by Janusz Rau. It’s well worth your time.

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