Halloween Shopping in London Mayfair

October 21, 2014 • Merchant Spotlight, News, Second Life, Shopping

London Halloween Shopping

Shopping in London Mayfair is always a fun experience. It’s even better now we have this list of shops for you to choose from. To visit a store, just click on that store name.

Halloween Shopping

When you need something for this spooky season, go Halloween shopping in London Mayfair. Choose your Halloween outfit at one of the many stores here. If you’re looking for Halloween shopping gadgets, these are also available in the Gatcha shop next to the Mayfair hub.


Maya Angels London

Halloween Shopping

Naughty or nice – black, red or white – you choose. Cute, sexy and provocative but certainly not forgetful.

Gatcha Emporium Mayfair

Halloween Shopping

Halloween Shopping? Gatcha items are available. Dare you risk the unknown?


Halloween Shopping

Gatcha Halloween Outfits


Halloween Shopping

Scary Avatars in Gatchaland

Miss Jewell

20141021 London Shops_056

Geared up for Halloween for your scary outfit.

Shoenique Designs

20141021 London Shops_082

Heels to die for. Check out the Halloween Special offer heels, spiders and outfits.


Bree Flanagan Couture

20141021 London Shops_001

Feminine dresses and frocks for all occasions.

Aco Fashion PARIS

20141021 London Shops_002

Stylish fashions include shoes, boots and lingerie. Check out the latest rigged mesh boot collection.

Sweet Distractions

20141021 London Shops_005

Fashion for all tastes. Classy and sexy dresses. Get those ‘little black numbers’ here too.

Maya Angels London

Halloween Shopping

Stunning Mesh dresses and sexy stylish outfits.


20141021 London Shops_033

Sexy flirty designs for your stylish avatar today.


20141021 London Shops_041

Major franchise for skins, boots and sexy clothes.


20141021 London Shops_045

Quality Menswear Clothing in complete outfits.

Route 666

20141021 London Shops_047

Fashion for teens and twenties.

Miss Jewell

20141021 London Shops_055

Sexy modern fashions with the young in mind.

Style Extrem

20141021 London Shops_065

Menswear. With B / S Fashion sexy ladies wear concession.


20141021 London Shops_080

Number one for fashion. Fabulous flirty fashions, skins, breasts and mesh feet. Always something new in the store so take a look today.

Shoenique Designs

20141021 London Shops_081

Heels to die for. Great fashions too.

Lola Creations

20141021 London Shops_084

‘Please Come In’. Is the motto. Sexy and attractive outfits. This is the shop you’ll buy your clothes from where your friends will ask you ‘where did you get that from’?

 Kastle Rock Couture & Company

20141021 London Shops_095

Great prices for great couture. Checkout the NEW ‘Mirage’ furniture collection too.

Avatars – Skins, Hair etc

Bliss Skins For Women

20141021 London Shops_029

Best British skins for only a fraction of money. Check out the Midnight Mania fashions too.

Dr Life Healthy Hair

20141021 London Shops_054

Hair, hair and even more hair!

Ro’s Tattoos

20141021 London Shops_075

Unique Tattoos created by Ro Daniels. Custom and off the shelf.


20141021 London Shops_086

Working Body Parts. Including high definition male and female genitals, erotic ears and beautiful breasts.



20141021 London Shops_006

Did you say Doctor Who? Then this is the place for you. Tardis, Consoles, Scifi huds and scifi mesh avatars. Check out Vortech on their web site too.

Iacon Designs

20141021 London Shops_089

Transformers, robots in disguise. Complete range of ‘Transformer’ avatars.

Sky’s The Limit

20141021 London Shops_091

Hovering boards. Skyboards, skyphone, keytars and more cool gadgets.


Job Centre

20141021 London Shops_010

Need money? Head down to the London job centre, where you will find the perfect job for you.



20141021 London Shops_011

Moving animals, designer furniture and cool gadgets.

Music Streams

The Shoutcast Barn

20141021 London Shops_021

A wide choice of music streams at great prices.


Bigga’s Retro Arcade

20141021 London Shops_032

Frogger, PacMan, Whack a Mole, Asteriods and more. All your classic favourites and some new games to try.

Bree’s Coffee Lounge

20141021 London Shops_036

Take a break while shopping. Rest your weary legs and have a coffee break at Bree’s place. This week is scary movie week so Bree will be screening Lost Boys for you.


20141021 London Shops_050

London’s laundromat. What’s London without a laundromat? – Nuffin’. So get ‘rinsin’ today!

Unicorn Records

20141021 London Shops_052

Not always open, but sometimes has DJ Mak spinning tunes here.

Web X Music International

20141021 London Shops_061

Come here to listen to the latest sounds.

Coach & Horses Pub

20141021 London Shops_072

Timeless location. Always popular in Second Life. Our favourite London pub.


Gatcha Emporium Mayfair

20141021 London Shops_022

Gacha places are like hunts, you get something but don’t know exactly what it will be. Pay a vendor and get a random item, then see what you got. There are rare and common items much like a tombola where you don’t see the prize until it’s in your hands.

Homes and Shops

London Rentals

20141021 London Shops_027

Your trip to London won’t be complete until you’ve checked out the great properties available in London, here by the Mayfair hub.

The Cheshire Studio

20141021 London Shops_042

Waterfall Pictures, both ready-made and custom.

Mindgardens Creations

20141021 London Shops_068

Fabulous Fantasy nature, trees and grass.

Xzari Scripted curtains, blinds and drapes

20141021 London Shops_077

Check out the massive variety of scripted window coverings in the store and catalog.


This concludes our tour around the London Mayfair shops. Happy Halloween shopping. I hope you manage to get something really nice and also scary for this Halloween.




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