HALLOWEENTASTIC!! – the London Sims by Jas (Blog 73)

November 1, 2012 • News

I know Im supposed to say all the parties on our sims are great but this one was a real humdinger!
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<div>We gathered at the Catacombs in the eerie London Cummunity Horror Sim  and the excitement was palpable as everyone picked up on the buzz. We were all like children setting off to go trick or treating!</div>
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<div>We need to say a big thanks to both the DJs who stepped in at the last minute due to the original DJ having had major internet issues. Thanks to DJ Ryanne and DJ Candy. During the Club 2012 set the crowd just kept on coming and everyone  agreed that the location was perfect for our spooky gathering.</div>
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<div>Most of our staff were there too, which gave them a chance to dress up and relax with the punters.</div>
<div>DJ Bytch
s nun outfit (below, left) was a surprising change of clothing for her!

Mermaid Kwizzee seemed to have turned into a water-spider temporarily.

DJ Candi was a very popular addition to the proceedings as she joked her way through the Coach and Horses set and played even the strangest requests for everyone.


And , when the sun set over London`s newest sim…

…it was time for the fireworks.Coach and Horses Manager Wiccy and  Special Events Manager Rave had done a brilliant job and the sky was lit up by spectacular pyrotechnics. It really was the case that nobody wanted to leave at the end of the night. But there was no need for them to worry- we haven`t fiinished yet. The London Sims are going strong -partying starts at 1pm (Second Life Time) today (Thursday) and rumour has it that next week the 11am set will be back too. There is always something going on in Hyde Park and the surrounding areas, and friendly approachable staff to help you have fun!


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