“Happily Ever Avatar” Seeks One More Special Story

August 9, 2014 • Culture & Community, News, People, Romantic, Second Life

Become a Film Star

A documentary film company in Brighton (UK) called Back2Back Productions are making a documentary for SkyLiving called ‘Avatar Love’.


The film’s about people who meet and fall in love on gaming sites like Second Life and who take their love story to the real world. They’re currently in production and filming various contributors, observing their behavior online.


Romance in Second Life

See more about this opportunity to get your first real life meeting immortalised on TV at Second Life Featured News:


Second Life ‘Happily Ever Avatar’ – Be On TV

Happily Ever After – Are YOU this happy couple they’re seeking?

Back2Back Productions are still looking for couples for their programme. They are especially looking for couples where the UK is involved. Ideally they’d love a pair who haven’t met in RL life yet, but are on the verge of doing so.

If you’re a Happily Ever Avatar couple, why not take part in this TV show. The London Sims is already featured in the show so you’ll be joining in with us.

Why don’t you join in too? You can be the star of the show!


Friends and romances come in many shapes and sizes

Second Life London will be all the way behind you on this. We’re delighted that it’s where a lot of couples met for the first time. Where you hang out. Where you romanced – and hopefully where you virtually married. That marriage leading on to a meeting or marriage in real life.


London HUB – A great place to meet people!

So, put your names forward and join in too. London is waiting to join you on the TV – both as avatars and in the flesh. Let’s all join in and help Back2Back Productions get Second Life London romance on the map.



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