Happy Birthday Destiny – Manager of London Tube by Jas (Blog 212)

January 5, 2014 • News

Last night we gathered at Mayfair`s London Tube to wish it`s Manager Destiny Keegan a very happy RL birthday. There were party poppers and cake – along with great music provided by DJ BlackBonez.

DJ BlackBonez Gives New Meaning to the term Shoutcast

DJ BlackBonez Gives New Meaning to the term Shoutcast

We girls did some excellent dancing – courtesy of Brandon`s wife-to- be Moon, who had a brilliant hud.

Snapshot_058 (3)


Snapshot_045 (7)


The birthday girl, herself, was a little late arriving and admitted that she was more than a bit drunk in RL, but still looked stunning.

Snapshot_051 (6)


Though what Pilgrim was up to with that light sabre I don`t know!!

Snapshot_068 (3)


Snapshot_028 (8)


Snapshot_057 (2)

It was a great party, but then, things are always fun at London Tube, which holds events most days at 2pm (SLT)- that`s 10pm in the UK. I bet Destiny is nursing one hell of a hangover today, though!

Snapshot_047 (9)

Spare a thought, though for the poor workers of the London Sims in Second Life. Poor Tony (below) was busy painting a train for the whole event.


He and Elsie May (from Chubby Checkers) need a union!



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