Happy Rezday Bigga!

January 18, 2015 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, News, People, Second Life

Happy Rezday Bigga From London

20150115 Snapshot_011Bigga’s Rezday fell on the 15th January so all of London turned out to wish him a very happy rezday. Bigga was surprised by the huge turnout at the Coach & Horses for his rezday.  Jules was there in her pretty red frock and really added to his cool look.

Happy Rezday Bigga

Having a Great Party

It was a night of celebration with DJ Ali and host LabRat first to say happy rezday to Bigga.  They played rock and country for 2 hours while we all danced.  We even had to go at line dancing which was hysterical.

Happy Rezday Bigga

DJ Marek & Host Nami

When Ali had spun her last disc, Marek took over, hosted by Nami. This second dynamic duo kept us entertained for another 2 hours.

Happy rezday bigga

Jason dressed in ‘Roach’ mask with lovely Destiny and Sun

Bigga seemed thrilled by everyone who came to his surprise party. The surprise guests included Jason, Destiny, Sunshine, Sor, and of course Debs herself.  Everyone had a rocking time there to Ali’s tunes.

Happy Rezday Bigga

Bigga ‘scrubs up well’ line dancing with Jason

We always wondered if Bigga would scrub up well and tonight was the night he showed us just how well he could scrub up.
He looked like he got a brand new suit just for the occasion.

Happy Rezday Bigga

Rezday Party!

It was great to see him enjoying himself because he is usually working so hard.
Over 60 people came to the party in the coach and horses beer garden to dance to the great music, have a laugh with their friends, and fool about dancing.

As always Coach & Horses Managers excelled for Bigga’s Party. It was good to see the team, residents, regulars and newcomers to London all letting their hair down and enjoying such a great day of fun together.

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