Haunted London Merchant’s Spotlight: SA Photography

October 7, 2011 • Entertainment

Today’s Haunted London Merchants Fair Spotlight is SA Photography, which is owned by Nutbar Resident. SA Photography offers a chance to purchase RL photographs as textures for your Second LIfe home. You can visit this merchant and others at our Haunted London Festival Merchants Fair.

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2 Responses to Haunted London Merchant’s Spotlight: SA Photography

  1. Debs Regent says:

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  2. Debs Regent says:

    I thought I’d seen everything in Second Life. But the Haunted Fair has pushed the boundaries yet again. Don’t miss the Murder Manor.. expect a few surprises there and to be made to jump in your seat in Real Life – I did. I was on voice with someone at the time too (not a good move). It was a great experience. One I will never forget. Linden Lab loved it so much, they had our URL on the login screen. Thank you Linden Lab for loving it as much as I do.

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