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Virtual Worlds are the playground for adults and kids alike. Some for adults – like Second Life, Open Sim and Avination. Players of Second Life and it’s peers create their own synthetic and imaginary worlds, lives and families. Some of these even spill over to their real lives.

This magazine focuses on London in Second Life and immersive platforms. Reviews and views of virtual worlds, latest technologies, business & society benefits.

Join these people in the London themed sims where you can spend time in the four full regions that share different aspects of a Londoner’s life.

There’s shopping, where you can dress your avatar in the latest fashions, change their look and shape and find them luxurious and fantasy themed objects like furniture, cars, spaceships and more. Through your avatar you can experience other lives.

Part of this is living in private virtual homes, decorated to your own taste and style.

There are also evening activities such as clubbing and London pubs, and a replica of London’s Hyde Park which serves as a hangout and doubles up as an event site.

London has a place for everyone – regardless of where you live in the real world. Sample a virtual reality version of London and see where it takes you today.

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Visit London in Second Life

London is the heart of community in Second Life. Friendly people hang out, meet others and even find someone to date here. Often these romances turn into real life relationships and even into marriage. London is at core of bringing your friendship and relationship into an even deeper real life experience. So make sure that you get down today. You’ll make great new friends and even date a few. What’s after that is your story – you write it, so start your story today!

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