Homes in Bayswater Road

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Bayswater Road

Bayswater Road Sign

There are three stunning homes available here today. All homes are furnished for just $399 Lindens per week with 100 extra prims for you to personalise your home. All homes have total privacy and a security system to remove unwelcome visitors.

Each house is individually furnished yet still keeps that unique ‘London’ appeal. Should you wish to improve your home further, you can always purchase more prims for furnishing. If you want to start with a clean slate and use your own furniture, you get an extra 50 prims FREE to help out.

The homes are all modelled on real locations around Bayswater Road, in classy expensive Holland Park. In real life these homes would cost you upwards of £20,000 a week for a home here. Second Life homes here are a far better price.

Let’s take a look around them:

2 Bayswater Road

Bayswater Road

Front Door for Number 2

First up, this home is located halfway down the street with lovely traditional romantic furnishing.

Bayswater Road

This Home’s Stylish Interior

11 Bayswater Road

Bayswater Road

Bayswater Road Kitchen

Number 11 is a mid-terrace home with a modern classy interior. Like all homes of this type, it has its own kitchen.

Bayswater Road

Dining Room

The large dining area is big enough to seat more than four, but a two seater table is provided for intimate meals.

17 Bayswater Road

Bayswater Road

17 Bayswater Road

This is an end plot, with a huge garden and a long waterfront (you can see the garden to the right of the house). It’s idea for a nature lover or someone who loves gardening. It comes with a modern decor to the living and dining room which you can choose to keep or have removed. If you choose to remove it, you get an extra 50 prims to furnish your home with.


More images of these homes are to be found here:




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