Horsing Around at the Coach – a budding romance? by Jas (Blog 249)

April 1, 2014 • Entertainment, Music, News

Someone should warn stray horses that wander into the Coach and Horse pub, in the London Sims, not to dance with random strangers. Our Entertainments Manager  Roach Draconia (below) is rumoured to have a thing about farmyard animals. Yes, Roach, I have the pics to prove it, and, unless I get a lot more hosting shifts and a lot more tips, they are going to the press!

  photo Snapshot_0257_zps891b45a9.png

 So, lets continue on this theme for  a while and consider whether Roach could be a reincarnation of the Roman Emperor Caligula -who was infamous for his “interest” in horses, too. It was reported that this odd leader dressed his favourite horse Incitatus in the finest blankets and it had a manger made from ivory where it was fed a mixture of oats and gold flakes. Towards the end of his crazy life the emperor announced his plans to make his horse buddy a Consul or even a priest – and pronounced him “a comination of all the gods”. Some even suggest he married the creature.

NAMABG-Caligula 1 photo Snapshot_019_zps8b02412d.png

P horse grey So,lets examine the evidence – there`s certainly an ear resemblance there. Could it be that our leader of entertainment may be about to marry a horse? Surely that would be extremely FOOLish – especially today!

 photo Snapshot_0328_zpsa05a1269.png

But, it was purely innocent fun and silliness at the London Sims pub, really.

Coach Manager Jas is pictured above having a ride on the lovely horsey,

and, below right, next to her beloved pub in Mayfair .
 photo Snapshot_1042_zps83380995.png

Cavallo bianco in campo verde

Cartoon horse


A woman goes out shopping with her husband and spots a pair of shoes she likes and must have…

The husband says, “No chance love, They’re far too expensive!”
Later on that night in bed, The wife is just falling off to sleep when the husband tries his luck and places his hands on her hips….
She turns to him and says, “No chance love, If you aint prepared to shoe the horse then you aint ridin it!!” 


Udo Keppler - Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth ppmsca.05868

Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

  photo Snapshot_0258_zps14515259.png

And, of course our Entertainments Manager isn`t a  power crazed megalomaniac like Caligula- Or is he?


PS: We are having a “Best in Animals (or animal print)” contest this Friday (4th April) at 10am SLT . Therell be a thousand Lindens on the contes board , and  Ill be there to prevent any hanky-panky – then again, maybe I`ll just  join in with it!

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