How Can I Earn Linden $’s? – 4 Ways to Make Money in Second Life

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This is the question I get asked the most by new users. There are 4 main ways to earn Lindens – so let’s look at a typical conversation with a new user to learn more.

New User

Newbie – check out the new mesh avatar!

3 Ways to Earn L$ Money

[06:56]  newbie: may i ask something?
[06:56]  Debs Regent: of course
[06:57]  newbie: how can i earn linden?
[06:57]  Debs Regent: many ways
[06:57]  Debs Regent: 1. make stuff
[06:57]  Debs Regent: 2. get a job
[06:57]  Debs Regent: 3. beg or steal it
[06:57]  newbie: oh
[06:58]  Debs Regent: for 1. – you need to have skills and often the money to upload stuff
[06:58]  Debs Regent: so if you have no money that’s out
[06:58]  Debs Regent: for 2. you need some experience usually
[06:58]  newbie: that’s pretty hard for me
[06:58]  newbie: heheh
[06:58]  Debs Regent: for 3. not many people just ‘give’ you money – unless they’re either getting a ‘service’ for it or are daft
[06:58]  Debs Regent: mind you there is a 4. too
[06:58]  Debs Regent: 4. you can ‘camp’
[06:59]  Debs Regent: which means some people pay you to stay on their sim
[06:59]  newbie: ahhh
[06:59]  Debs Regent: but because of all the NPC ‘bots’ around these days, not many people pay for campers

So how do I get Money?

How Do I get Money?

How Do I get Money?

[06:59]  Debs Regent: for a new user, it’s a good idea to find a community you like then hang out there until you get some skills, or friends that will help you
[07:00]  Debs Regent: does that help at all?
[07:00]  newbie: a lot
[07:00]  newbie: i would keep that in mind
[07:00]  newbie: hehehe
[07:00]  Debs Regent: great ㋡
[07:00]  newbie: tnx debs
[07:00]  Debs Regent: finding friends is part 1 of the 101 of Second Life ㋡
[07:01]  newbie: that’s y i keep wandering around to find friends
[07:01]  newbie: or any special friends
[07:01]  newbie: hehehe
[07:01]  Debs Regent: best to stay in one area
[07:01]  Debs Regent: and hang round people you like and think can become your friend
[07:01]  newbie: yeah

How Do I Make Friends?

Making Friends in London

Making Friends in London

[07:01]  Debs Regent: be polite, not intrusive
[07:02]  Debs Regent: but have something to say
[07:02]  Debs Regent: making friends is an art
[07:02]  newbie: true
[07:02]  newbie: by the way i’m 19
[07:02]  Debs Regent: find a crowd you like in an area you like… and everything else falls into place
[07:02]  Debs Regent: great – 19 is cool here
[07:03]  newbie: are there any people have the same age as me here?
[07:03]  Debs Regent: yes, of course
[07:03]  Debs Regent: it’s a common age to be in SL
[07:03]  newbie: ahhh
[07:04]  Debs Regent: I hope that helped you a little bit
[07:04]  newbie: I’m from the Philippines
[07:04]  Debs Regent: by the way can I blog this conversation (with your name changed of course)
[07:04]  Debs Regent: welcome to London ‘Philippines’ ㋡
[07:04]  newbie: tnx
[07:05]  newbie: yes you can blog it
[07:05]  Debs Regent: thank you ㋡
[07:05]  Debs Regent: we are a ‘no discrimination’ sim – no abuse / no discrimination
[07:05]  Debs Regent: we take the attitude that everyone in SL is here as an equal ㋡
[07:05]  newbie: 🙂

I hope you found this informative and will enjoy your ‘Second’ Life as much as we do in London. Make sure to pay us a visit sometimes. You’ll get a warm welcome.

(This conversation was supplied by Debs Regent of Second Life who requested that the New User name be kept private)

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