Soccer World Cup 2014

Hyde Park Football Party

June 13, 2014 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Music, News, People, Second Life

Football Party

DJ’s Roach & DJ Destiny host a 4 hour Football Party In Hyde Park today.

World Cup Games

Friday 13th is supposed to be bad luck. This was true for both the Cameroon and Spain, who lost to Mexico and the Netherlands today. It’s only the start though, plenty more games to go. Well done Mexico and The Netherlands!

World Cup Football Party

However – DJ Destiny and DJ Roach are still celebrating in the park, so join them now:

 World Cup in Brazil

We’ve all been following the World Cup in Brazil and are now tuning in for the Chile Australia match. After this match hat will be two games in group B played and two on group A. Tomorrow is a bonanza day. We’ll see Colombia play Greece, Uraguay play Costa Rica, England Play Italy and Cote D’Ivorie play Japan.

For us in London tomorrow’s a big day – England get their first match of the orld Cup so we’ll all be glued fast to our tellies. We’ll also be in Second Life sharing the match as we watch along, so join us in Hyde Park to share the excitement of the matches tomorrow.


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