My London Sims Dream by Jas (Blog 293)

January 22, 2016 • Culture & Community, People

“Last night I dreamt I went to.. (SL Mayfair).. again”..

Snapshot_003 (3)

..and as I wSnapshot_013 (3)alked through Hyde Park I spotted

something shimmering in the distance.

Snapshot_021 (3)     Note:-

Strangely, (as is often the way in dreams)

my clothing changed intermittently,

and I came upon some oddly dressed animals!

What were these beautiful buildings I saw before me?


As I stared at them “the grey stone (shone) in the moonlight of my dream”.

I gazed at the windows reflecting the (park) and the terrace.”



“Time could not wreck the perfect symmetry of those walls, nor the site itself-

a jewel in the hollow of a hand. ”


I would sit and wonder at the perfect Englishness of the house, I thought.

Then, “I would rise from my bed of bracken then, shaking the feathery dust

of last year’s leaves from my skirt .. (and).. set off towards the house”.

Snapshot_023 (2)

“As I stood there, hushed and still, I could swear that the house was not an empty shell but lived and breathed. ”

Snapshot_015 (2)
Sleep thumbnail


I started to plan how I would decorate it now ..

“for like most sleepers I knew that I dreamed”.
Snapshot_008 (2)

Snapshot_010 (6)
“Turning I could see the sheet of silver placid.. like a lake undisturbed by wind or storm.

No waves would come to ruffle this dream water, and no bulk of cloud, wind-driven ..

obscure the clarity of this pale sky.”
Snapshot_016 (2)
 (What – have you never dreamt you are in the bath fully dressed?)
Snapshot_003 (7)

“In reality I lay many hundred miles away in an alien land, and would wake”.

But then what is reality? Luckily, it was my avatar Jas that was dreaming,

and she got up and went for a walk in the London Sims` Hyde Park,

where she lives. After finding a kissing booth- and waiting expectantly for a likely potential victim to come along…

Snapshot_016 (3)
… she again discovered the landscape of her dream. Finally, she

thought, it is possible to live out my dreams in the London Sims.

Snapshot_014 (4)
For a mere 999 Lindens it was possible to rent this gorgeous home.

The furniture was not included-but all the more fun to shop for it!

However, upon checking her lowly London Blogger purse she realised that,

for now, at least,it would remain something to plan for.

You however, could move into this Second Life home immediately by just clicking the box outside the property, situated on the edge of Hyde Park. Or why not ask one of Londons helpful team to show it to you.Theres always someone to be found in the welcome hub.

And finallyA giant claw pierces the breast of a sleeping naked woman, a Wellcome V0017052, if you think my avatar`s dreams are odd – take a look at some of these paintings people have done about dreams.

Briullov, Karl - A Dream of a Girl Before a Sunrise



Zzz sleep    Sweet Dreams!


PS: All quotes are from “Rebecca” by Daphne Du Maurier

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