Immersive worlds save your business time and money

September 26, 2013 • Business

The latest proven business platform makes sales, meetings, training and brand promotion faster, easier and cheaper.

We have all heard the term ‘viral marketing’.

What is it?
– ‘word of mouth’; scandal, or fascination delivered to promote products and increase brand awareness.

This happens rapidly in worlds such as Second Life where your product announcement travels globally the moment it is launched by viral networking in a strong community. It makes fiscal sense.


Do you want to be part of this?

Prudently reduce high overheads of traveling to meetings, visiting customers’ premises, selling products in expensive high street shops, training events or holding costly conferences. Do them all virtually.

To reap these benefits, contact us at

How can you get involved?

London Virtual Commerce is a replica of real London which operates in an immersive world where millions of people interact from around the globe without travel.

People visit virtual London to buy goods. They purchase luxury items ‘virtually’ and have purchases delivered in real life.

People visit Virtual London as a prelude to the real thing. They come for advice about what to do and where to go, and to meet people already living and working in London. What better means to pre-promote your brand to tourists here (the largest business in London).

The Virtual London Project is just an example of our extensive ability to bring popular realistic environments into virtual worlds.

As a social environment, people meet virtually and chat with old and new friends without constraint across the globe.

Entertainment is always ‘hot’ in virtual worlds, so there is plenty of it on offer in London; our most popular venue is our famous retro style ‘Underground Club’.

These ‘London’ regions provide viral communities for brand presence. People in social networks such as these are emotional, interact with one another, have relationships, communicate desires and needs, and discuss loves and hates.

Your basic static web pages cannot offer this method of rapidly spreading your message. We principally operate within Second Life®, where social networking and community adoption increase customer commitment to a brand.

We also provide more abstract concepts.

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