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February 25, 2014 • Culture & Community, Entertainment

Right, blog readers, time to admit it.When you saw the word” improvisation” in the title you pictured something like the picture below didnt you? But, no, the Coach and Horses Improv Group is much more like the TV programme “Whose line is it anyway”,which has sadly been missing from our screens for many years now.

Ligue d'improvisation montréalaise (LIM) 20110306

The British version, which preceded the US one , had Clive Anderson (below,left) as the acerbic host.

Clive Anderson at Selwyn May Ball -21June2008GregProops nightclub

Other great contestants in the programme included Greg Proops (above,right), who also appeared in the US version…


… and , of course, our very own Paul Merton (above).

So, in Second Life`s London Sims I have tried to re-create same of the games from the programme into our group.

Snapshot_001 (10)

Firstly, we had a game of “Emotions”.

Two of the contestants acted out a job interview scene and I  (Just Jas) threw in some emotions to change to within it. The emtions included happiness, anger,excitement and disgust.We also continued the interview in different film and theatre styles, which made things completely hilarious!

Snapshot_003 (2)

One of the favourite games on the TV show and in our group is “Blind Date”,which is based on the TV show of the same name.

Logo of Blind Date

(Logo from US show)

Snapshot_002 (12)

In Second Life, though, we can have even more fun as the contestants can dress up as different characters, too.This can lead to a guessing game aswell, as the chooser can try to work out who the potential dates could possibly be.One contestant became alittle shy and decided to leave however, but we continued the game with just two potential dates.

By the way, please IM me if you are uncomfortable in the group at all, and I can pull you out and let you just watch. I totally understand it being a daunting experience to act in front of strangers, but our group is very relaxed and fun.

Anyway, I chose the lesser of two evils for my date I think, despite originally thinking that contestant three sounded fun.I ended up with a date with the lovely Snow White -and was spared an evening with Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies-phew!


We ended with a really funny game of “One-Word Story”.

This game involves the contestants standing in a circle and each saying one word at a time to make a story.

We had decided beforehand to go with a fairytale theme.

I, for one, was in stitches by the end as the story evolved.

The purple girl, who had gone to a witch to get a potion to change her, came up with a different plan.She put a sack on her head and lived “happily ever after”!

Ligue d'improvisation montréalaise (LIM) 20110417

So,  our improvisation isn`t like the picture above.

And,the London Sims isn`t just about clubs and music. You can come here and be very silly , too!

The Coach and Horses Improv Group is every Monday at 10am Second Life Time.

Come along- even if youd rather just watch- its a great way to pass a few hours.

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