Increase in Buying Second Life Sims

March 19, 2014 • Business, Culture & Community, News, Second Life, Social Media, Tech & Gadgets

Its good to see Wagner James Au scratching his head over the same issues I am. One of them being the sudden sharp increase in the sim demand – after a steady decline over the past few years. A sudden ‘land grab’ seems to be at work. Large estate landowners are leading the land rush. The Grid Survey noted this growth spurt, but there’s also rapid (and almost desperate) inworld need for sims inside Second Life – in groups such as ‘For Sale by Owner’ (where sim owners put their sims up for sale). Full sims that exchanged hands for a few dollars before (US dollars) are now reselling for up to $800 US.

I checked to see if there’s a reason behind all this – like truck loads of new users? Was a sudden growth of new users in Second Life the reason for this demand? I didn’t find any evidence of sudden growth from The Grid Survey. So what’s going on?

Sign Ups

Not Much Change in New User Sign Ups


In his blog on Second Life, Joe Essid asks “Have a few folks who hold land in the virtual world, sensing a new direction by Linden Lab’s newly anointed CEO, decided to expand their considerable investment?”

I think we can rule chance out – the demand is massive. Several land owners wanting over 100 sims all at the same time must be more than coincidence. We can also rule out sudden demand from new players, because there aren’t significant numbers here. So what do these people know and why are they buying sims? Is their confidence in the new CEO of Linden Lab so high, they’re investing because of him?

Whatever it is, I have to say ‘good for you Second Life’, it looks like you’re turning the corner.

– Over to you James & Joe..

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