Introducing London New User Centre

March 13, 2014 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, News, Second Life

New Users now have a great way to enter Second Life and find out how to interact with people. In London we have a team of friendly helpful, keen and interesting greeters and mentors.

New User

Helping a New User at the New User Experience

These people will walk you through the things YOU personally want to know.

London’s New User Experience

London New User Experience is the place for anyone wishing to learn about Second Life. London has a great team of greeters to help anyone and everyone looking for help, tips or pointers. The new user experience enables more and better help for all new users.

Visit in Second Life

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to Second Life, if you’re just new to certain aspects, or just want a bit of information about a certain thing. The team are experienced and knowledgeable and can provide assistance and information on a variety of topics, from how to get the best look or how to start a relationship to how to build a castle!




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