Invasion of the miners!

May 9, 2014 • Culture & Community, News, People, Second Life

All over London evidence of an alien invasion is showing up. This is not Dr Who – it’s far more sinister.

Alien Invasion

Everywhere things that were round are becoming square. it’s a take-over – right in front of our very own eyes. Minecraft users are invading London in what looks like a take-over bid to infiltrate our way of life and convert us all into squares.

Things are becoming square

Secret Location

Inside sources tell us that the ‘Miners’ are holding out in their secret London location. But they’ve also been discovered infiltrating other London locations too.

Aliens ‘plotting’

An underground double agent managed to take a picture of some of them plotting inside their secret location.

Secret Location

If you have any information that’ll help us target these people – please report your sighting to the appropriate authorities. Do not approach these aliens – they’re highly dangerous! – if they do approach you, proceed with caution and in no way anger them – they’re extremely dangerous and can turn you into a square with a single blink of their eyes.

Aliens’ Secret Lair in London

 Dangerous Creatures

Vampires may ask to bite you, but with these nasty creatures, you get no warning… you’re instantly boxed if they get to zap you with a look from their square eyes. Forget the fear of vampires, trolls and griefers, these are far worse because when they turn you, you’ll never be the same again.

Aliens in London

Be warned – these dangerous individuals are about to turn our Second Lives upside down and inside out – from round to square. Are they looking for hosts to convert their roundness to ugly square bodied bricks? Even our trees are becoming squared and we’re losing our landscape and our sexy bodies to square-ness.

Emergency Situation

We all need to stand guard and protect Colin, because I have it on good authority that he is the target of their attack. Protect Colin at all costs, if they turn him, we’re all lost.

Where is the secret Alien Headquarters?

This is not an exercise, this is an emergency situation – it’s a real invasion. Minecraft users are bringing their squareness into second life and threatening our very ‘round’ existence! So be warned and be on the alert! If you see anything suspicious, please add a comment to this blog post.



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