Is Second Life Becoming Cool Again?

February 22, 2014 • Culture & Community, News

SecondLife revival

One thing seems to be sure in 2014. SecondLife is having its own second-life revival. Hiring Ebbe Altberg, the new seemingly customer-centric CEO, appears to be bring with it a new era of hope and opportunity and breathing new life into the platform. At least two ‘land baron’(1) groups in Second Life are already looking to acquire substantial additional holding of over 150 sims each, which indicates that they believe there will be an upturn in business for them coming soon.

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London is cool


Media awareness is growing and mainstream commentators, who would have ignored SecondLife and Linden Lab, are now again enjoying typed square inches on the topics. However there is much speculation about future direction for both the platform and company. One ‘avatar’ commentator, Apollo Manga, even speculates that Ebbe may even be an infiltration from Yahoo to take SecondLife the way of ‘Cloud Party’ and have it shut down.

The Famous Join In Too

Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry has a SecondLife existence

However, I disagree with the ‘doom and gloom’ brigade, I also see a bright future. It looks more like SecondLife’s once again rising from obscurity into the light. Even Stephen Fry admits to having a “Second Life existence” in The Guardian, which is a pretty radical thought. His comment about being difficult to find could begin a hunt for ‘outing’ famous avatars and he even kindly suggested the name of a new game show – “celebrity avatars exposed”.

Lord Mandelson Allan Warren

Peter Mandelson was brought to SecondLife
by a Daily Mail reporter

I also heard a pretty solid rumour that Ricky Gervais has an avatar in SecondLife and hung around London and I met a Daily Mail reporter posing as Peter Mandelson, in London,  “so Celebrity Avatars Exposed” could be a great game!

– Just imagine meeting David Beckham’s avatar!


(1) A Land Baron is an owner of many regions (also known as ‘sims) in Second Life, which they rent out for profit and usually make a real world income from.

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