Is The Answer to Everything – 42 ? Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy 30th Anniversary Week

May 18, 2014 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Music, News, People, Second Life

Join London’s Tribute to The Hitchhiker’s Guide in the ‘Bowels of a Vogon Construction Ship’. This week you can listen to the radio series with us and join us in a Towel Party at the end of the week.

Hitch Hikers Guide

This is all to coincide with the BBC Radio 4’s 30th Anniversary of the program. So join in and come as yourself, or your favourite Hitchhiker’s character.


London is playing the radio series into a specially built interior – a representation of Bowels of a Vogon Construction Ship – all week for you. Tomorrow (Monday) is series 1 all day, Tuesday will be series 2 etc etc up to Friday and series 5.

Sunday is towel day which is a real life event where people carry towels all day and we’re also going to encourage people to wear towels around the London sims. The week will close with a huge towel party for all.

So come and join us for a week of fun, fantasy and the number 42!

featured 42

The Answer is Fourty Two

Click Here for the Bowels:



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