January Through The Years

January 9, 2015 • Culture & Community, News, People, Second Life

January as seen throughout the years in Second Life London


January 2007 – London under construction begins in Knightsbridge


As you already know, London has been in Second Life since 2006. That’s a whole 9 years. However Second Life London was born in November of 2006, so we have a mere 8 years to look back on. We will be doing this slowly, just 2 years at a time – because there’s a lot of years to look back on.

January 2007

Way back in January 2007, London started as one solitary sim, Knightsbridge. It was only 2 months old and had just a few buildings on it. Back in those days, we thought we were doing something amazing. We put prims up, linked them and made buildings, doors, furniture, and a heap of other stuff too. Scripting them was pretty primitive and if we got a door to work, we were over the moon.


London’s first club – The Underground. L-R in front of the sign are Joe Fabre, Debs Regent & Melissa Ironside.

The first club there was ‘The Underground’. You see me, Joe Fabre and Melissa Ironside standing in front of the sign doing our best fashion poses. In those days, the animations weren’t all there – come to think of it – nor were the avatars!

London Mayfair was born in January 2007 and still stands to this day. Two other Sims joined Knightsbridge at the same time, but sadly they are no longer with us. They’re fondly remembered. These regions were Chelsea – which held that year’s virtual showcase for the Daily Telegraph’s Chelsea Flower Show entry, and St Tropez, which sadly has also gone but never really fitted in with the ‘London’ theme. This sim attracted all sorts of different interest groups, including pony girls (don’t ask!), but never formed a stable community.

January 2008

In 2008 London was in its height. It was all over the media along with Second Life itself. Mayfair was starting to look dapper and the thousands of pictures taken in RL seemed to be paying off. This was of course before Google Maps, so all images and knowledge had to be gained by walking the streets.

January in London

Kensington’s birth next to Knightsbridge and Mayfair

Kensington was birthed in March 2008. There is a pic of this in the collection because, although Kensington wasn’t there in January, it was born early in that year.





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