Jas` London Sims Summer 2012 Archives (Part 5) – Six Sexy DJs In Hyde Park

July 5, 2016 • News

Jas archives maybe again


          Snapshot_009As we celebrate London`s 10th birthday..

(left: see pic of some of the decorations set out for events – and look at the tiny Big Ben model!)

.. my series of London Sims blog archives from the summer of 2012 continues here. All the original blogs were written by me (and all the photos taken by me).


So back through the time-machine we go to September 2012.

Blog Eighteen (First Published September 5th 2012)

In this blog I concentrated on the top six DJs who were working in London at the time. Here are two of the pictures I included in it. And, as before, just click on the links to each of the blogs to read more.


DJs Pyp (above , left) and Gary (above, right)

The Sexy Six – DJs In Our Sims by Jas (Blog 18)


Blog Nineteen (Also First Published September 5th 2012)


Marathon Monday @ 2012 by Jas (Blog 19)


Blog Twenty (First Published August 6th 2012)

Crofty And Violet Rock Club 2012 by Jas (Blog 20)


Blog Twenty-One  (First Published August 7th 2012)

Things To Do In Hyde Park by Jas (Blog 21)


This is the last of my archive blogs from the summer of 2012, but the next period of time will be archiving continues straight on from here. Look out for the first installment of London Sims Autumn 2012 archive blogs.

As I go back through these archives I am reminded of all the friends I have made here.

Some remain, and others have drifted off into other parts of Second Life  (or to that strange land known only as Real Life!), but people who make an impact on your lives will never be forgotten. This series of blogs is a dedication to those people (from the London Sims) who have made a difference to me.

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