Jas` London Sims Summer 2012 Archives (Part 1) – The 2012 Olympics And London Community

June 25, 2016 • News

Jas archives maybe again
Welcome to my journey back through some of the archives of my London Sims blogs.

Firstly I am concentrating on the summer months – well, from August, as that is when I first started blogging here from. Click on the links to read more of the blogs.


BLOG ONE ( First Published Aug 1st 2012)

So I began blogging back on the first of August in 2012, when the Olympic games were being held in real-life London. We, in the London Sims had our very own versions- along with a massive party to celebrate the opening, which real-life journalists attended.


London`s Virtual Olympic-Sized Swimming Pool

The Birth of Blogger Jas,The New London Olympic Venue And An Opening Night Party by Jas (Blog 1)

 Blog Two ( First Published Aug 10th 2012)

Parties in London so far in August by Jas (Blog 2)

Blog Three (First Published Aug 15th 2012)

Some Of The Stalls At The Olympic Merchant`s Fair

A Successful Merchants Fair by Jas (Blog 3)

Blog Four (First Published Aug 15th 2012)


London Merchants Spotlight by Jas (Blog 4)


Blog Five (First Published August 17th 2012)

DJ PYP – 16th August by Jas (Blog 5)

So that concludes the first part of  our look back on the summer of 2012 in the London Sims. Look out for Part 2, and re-experience the past with Jas.

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