Jas of a Thousand Days. What a Difference a SL Day Makes by Jas (Blog 238)

February 26, 2014 • Entertainment, Music, News

When I received a laptop for my 40th birthday I spent about 10 days trying to get used to the thing!


The above picture shows what my previous knowledge of computers was like.

But then I remembered a TV programme I had seen many years before about the designing of a new virtual world. Can you guess which world it was? Yesss- it was Second Life. So, I did a search on Google- not really expecting a result, but up popped  SL details!

I logged on – foolishly thinking that it would probably only be a temporary name I was using, and didnt use capital letters-something Ive regretted ever since!


So , firstly I went to various “Newbie” places, but got fed up with being targetted by vampires.

(Note: No one had told me about Garlic Necklaces!)


And, then I did a destination search, where I discovered the London Sims.

On my arrival in Hyde Park I headed for the Serpentine lake and instantly met people who I clicked with. Some of these have gone on to be close friends in SL.

Snapshot_028 (2)Snapshot_037 (4)

(Note: Above pictures taken in the winter at the beginning of 2014)

I worked as a promoter for a job agency in Second Life at first (not in London)…

…but soon discovered the fun of hosting when I got a job at the Coach and Horses in Mayfair.

This led to doing sets in Hyde Park, and I became a host at Club 2012, which was based there.


Bundesarchiv Bild 102-12126, London, Radiokonzert im Hydepark

(Note: Picure showing a” Radio concert for the unemployed in Hyde Park in London 1931″)

Our HydePark entertainment was (and  indeed is) a lot better than the one pictured above!

Although I have explored many places in Second Life – and shopped in many more- the place I always feel most at home in is the London Sims.

I managed the Coach and Horses then, in 2012/13, and I`m now doing the same again.

I have been writing blogs for the London Sims for the past year and a half now -and I love it!

Today marks my thousandth day in this eclectic world,in which I have met some really wonderful people who have inspired me beyond belief.

I googled events that have taken 1000 days, today, but I could only come up with a few.


Mary Zouch by Hans Holbein the YoungerLautaro Sinking I

Anne Boleyn (above,left) was known as “Queen of a Thousand Days”, ending as we all know with her unfortunate be-heading in 1536.

The picture on the right (above) is of the sinking of the “Laurato” ship in 1902,which was near the end of Panama`s 1000 day war.

So, I`ve been leading up to the announcement of a party in the Coach and Horses tonight to celebrate my special day. There will be a thousand Lindens on the board (one for everyday I have spent here) and the excellent DJ BlackBonez will be in charge of the tunes. The party runs from 10am (SLT) – Midday (or possibly later!).Make sure you come early, though, as it  could get busy!

Snapshot_104 (2)1000!


And, roll on the next 1000 SL days – I`m looking forward to you!

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  1. Debs Butler says:

    Great to see Jas has reached 1000 days and is still with us and growing!

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