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April 24, 2016 • Culture & Community, News

Image taken from page 26 of 'Friend or Fortune? The story of a strange year, etc'nce upon a time, in the ancient sims of Londonium there lived a poor little wretch of an avatar whose name was Jaserella. She had to cook, lay and light the fire, chop wood and generally be at the beck and call of everyone. She was even forced to clean the Second Life toilets (below), which, as you can imagine, were horrific!

Image taken from page 284 of 'A Noble Woman'aserella read in the local paper (which she discovered in the pile of things which had been donated to her) that there was a big event planned, which would bring people to London from far and wide. The article was discussing what avatars could wear  for the English Royal Spring Ball in London`s Hyde Park.


Image taken from page 21 of '[Cook's Handbook for London. With two maps.]'

Image taken from page 403 of 'The Works of John Locke, etc. (The Remains of John Locke ... Published from his original manuscripts.-An account of the life and writings of John Locke [by J. Le Clerc]. The third edition, etc.) [With a portrait.]'hat night, Jas crept out into Hyde Park to see where this great ball was to take place. She had heard it was in honour of England`s Queen – who had just reached the almost incomprehensible age of ninety years- so the ball would have to be in a very grand venue, she thought to herself. She decided to head over to the side of Hyde Park where the beautiful mansions were. That would surely be the place for such a regal event.


Snapshot_005.png arg

Image taken from page 109 of '[The garden of eloquence, etc.]'s she crossed a stone bridge she suddenly came upon what she had been looking for. Jaserella stood in awe, gazing at the beautiful fairy lights which lit everything up. These were not usually here – and what was that stone structure that seemed to have sprung up overnight?

Snapshot_011.png aq

Image taken from page 74 of 'Madeline Power. [A novel.]'his ball would be the most magnificent party that London had ever known, Jaserella felt sure of it. There would be bound to even be royalty there, she thought to herself, smiling softly at the thought of the handsome prince she had spied riding through the park many moons ago. What wouldn`t she give to be able to attend? “But, I would have nothing to wear”, she sighed as she trudged home to make some soup with a fresh pumpkin she had discovered along the way.


Image taken from page 908 of 'Le Monde vu par les artistes. Géographie artistique. ... Ouvrage orné d'environ 600 gravures et cartes'reams don`t come true, she whispered to herself  as she passed Ye Olde Sexy Brits- an inn and dance hall, which she had heard talk of but had never dared to venture into. But wait, what was that light? It shone brighter than anything she had ever seen before. She peered around the doorway to the forbidden place, and could not believe what she saw inside.


Snapshot_002.png fff

Image taken from page 502 of 'Le Monde vu par les artistes. Géographie artistique. ... Ouvrage orné d'environ 600 gravures et cartes'beautiful fairy danced there.

“Who are you?” asked Jaserella softly.

“I am your Fairy Godmother Dreamer”, laughed the impish sprite, “and tonight , as it it is the Full Pink Moon* you can have whatever your heart desires. Just make a wish.”

Could it be true, thought Jaserella? Could she really go to the ball, and be in with a chance of meeting her Prince Charming?

Image taken from page 132 of 'The Diary of an Idle Woman in Sicily' flurry of activity began. Firstly the pumpkin was taken from her arms and placed on the ground. Muttering secret fairy words under her breath, Dreamer waved her wand and the vegetable was transformed into a beautiful coach! (Note: the coach was then enlarged!)

Public school methods (1913) (14773846224)
Image taken from page 230 of '[A Collection of Seventy-nine Black-Letter Ballads and Broadsides, printed in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, between the years 1559 and 1597. Accompanied with an introduction and illustrative notes. [A new edition of 'Ancientow beautiful it looked. But Jaserella still looked worried.

“Even if I arrived in such a fancy carriage,” She sighed “No-one would ever believe I am anything other than a pauper in these drab clothes.”

“I`m not finished,” smiled her kindly godmother, and with another whisk of her wand she had not only created a gorgeous new look for Jaserella, but also one for herself, too!

Snapshot_001.png meSnapshot_001.png dreamer

Another Fairy Godmother, Jules,

(below, left) had magicked the ball into life,

and organised the lovely Aura (below, right) to sing there.

Snapshot_005.png julesSnapshot_008.png aura

Image taken from page 120 of 'Across the Channel; or, Picture-stories of foreign lands. [With illustrations.]'s she arrived at the spectacular venue in the pumpkin carriage, Jaserella wondered what magic the Fairy Godmother had planned to use  when she had declined the offer of a ride, saying instead that she would “teleport” to the party. She was soon distracted from such thoughts by the glorious coloured gowns  that surrounded her, and the sight of  the beautiful ladies from all over the world who wore them.

Snapshot_005.png dressSnapshot_006.png dressSnapshot_004.png sarree (2)


”                                       ”
Image taken from page 9 of 'A poem on the death of Mr. John Philips, etc'    she asked a dark, smartly suited man standing in the corner, “Would you care do dance?”

The man politely declined as he had to leave. Despite having a wonderful time,listening to great tunes and dancing with friends, Jaserella was bound to feel a little cheated out of one part of her wish that her counterpart Cinderella had achieved so effortlessly. Any Prince Charmings who were at the event later were being firmly held onto by their dance partners!

Snapshot_004The surprising adventures of Cinderella, or, The history of a glass slipper (1905) (14779462371)

Image taken from page 147 of '[The garden of eloquence, etc.]'eturning to the same location the following day, Jaserella reflected on Second Life love.

Why did it seem to be too much to ask that some one would utter to her the kind of words written about in Shakespeare`s plays?


“But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?

It is the east and (Jas) is the sun.

Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,

Who is already sick and p[ale with grief,

That thou her maid art more fair than she.”
Snapshot_013.png aq

“Did my heart love till now? forswear it, sight! For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.”

Snapshot_008.png aq

William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Snapshot_009.png aq




The End Book
Notes: The Shakespeare quotes are from Romeo and Juliet – and on Saturday it was the 400th                        anniversary of his death.

and (*) The night of the ball in London was the night of a Pink Full Moon in RL, too.

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