Jazerella And Her Midsummer`s Eve On the Beach- Fire Rainbows, Fish And A Full Moon (Blog 316)

June 20, 2016 • Culture & Community, News


Jazerella had, since her previous adventures, become quite a social creature. She now went to parties in Ye Olde London Sims quite often. Also, thanks to her fairy godmother (Dreamer) she had become aware of all kinds of exciting  possibilities. She now had fine dresses, make-up and various kinds of hairpieces, all of which she kept  in a magical box called an “Inventory”. Second Life was looking good. She would certainly never need to scrub a toilet again.

Snapshot_011.png new hair
However, there was still something that she had not yet achieved, that was to find her very own Prince Charming. Yes, she was sometimes accosted by suitors (often those who were known thereabouts as “newbies”), but they had never been the right one. It was not  as if she had never met any possibilities, though . It was just that those with the potential to be her prince had either not approached her, or( in the rare times when when she had approached them) hadn`t felt for her the same as she had felt for them. What was our poor heroine to do to find the love of her life?
As she walked through Hyde Park, one sunny mid-summers evening , she thought more about this issue. Perhaps she should be more forward, but then again some of the fine ladies she met at parties had been left broken-hearted by doing just that. And yet, she knew some devoted couples in Ye Olde London Sims, and in the far lands beyond – known only to Jaserella as the “Rest Of Second Life”.  As she mulled over her options she suddenly spotted a bridge ahead of her. It was the one  which spanned  the Serpentine lake, and the  very place where she had first seen  the venue where a great party had been held. This moment had marked the beginning of her  magical adventures.
She peered below the bridge and could not believe her eyes  when she saw what lay beyond it.
Image taken from page 307 of 'The British Miscellany: or, coloured figures of new, rare, or little known animal subjects, etc. vol. I., vol. II'beach c
What kind of magic could have been been at work here? It would have had to be something very strong to create a beach in the middle of Hyde Park.
She had read abouImage taken from page 72 of 'Journal of a Voyage to Greenland, in the year 1821. With graphic illustrations't beaches (for she had been well educated as a child), and the pictures that she imagined- of strange creatures who lived by the sea and  soft white sand with waves crashing onto it- were often in her mind. But she also knew that these places only existed at the very edges of an island, and that London was not one.
Moreover Hyde Park had never had anything even remotely resembling this place-  certainly within her lifetime, but perhaps never in its many, many years of existence. (Do remember, dearest reader, that although the London Sims are about to celebrate their tenth birthday, this is a huge number of Second Life years- perhaps more like half a century or more of our years.)
beach dCreative-Tail-Animal-star-fish

Image taken from page 133 of 'The Two Cousins. A tale. By Friba'


Jaserella Image taken from page 226 of 'Die Vereinigten Staaten und die andern Länder Amerika's ... Nach dem englischen Werke von S. A. Mitchell und mehreren geschichtlichen ... Werken bearbeitet'walked across the beach in a daze. Was this the work of her Fairy Godmother, Dreamer, again? As she tried to come up with an answer she gazed up at the sky- narrowly avoiding stepping on a turtle beneath her.


The clouds above sjules_009eemed wispier than ever before- almost like a pair of angel wings, and with a rainbow tint to them. She briefly wondered if the colourful beach toys in the water could somehow be reflecting in the sky, before remembering that she had read of these things in a book once, too. Jaserella tried her hardest to think of what they were called.

 “Ah yes,” she finally said aloud to herself, “They are known as Fire Rainbows. I wonder whether this magic, today, has been caused by them.”

beach e

She sat down in an armchair which had been conveniently placed (or perhaps magicked) in the sand. As she looked out over the sea she started to think about the many sea creatures she had read about in her books. How many of them were there beneath the water?

park_001Image taken from page 164 of 'The Half Hour Library of Travel, Nature and Science for young readers'Image taken from page 336 of 'The Half Hour Library of Travel, Nature and Science for young readers'

After some consideration she decided that she couldn`t remember any dangerous sea creatures, and swam out to lie down for a rest on a brightly-coloured raft she spotted there.


Oh foolish Jaserella! Can you work out, dear readers, what dangerous creature could have slipped her mind? Could it be that one of th0se animals was circling around beneath her as she drifted off to sleep?

beach a

“AaaaaaaaaaaaCreative-Tail-Animal-sharkgh, ” screamed Jaserella, as she was knocked into the water by a long fishy tail.

“Shark!” she cried out with a gulp of air, as she remembered (just a little too late) which sea creatures could be dangerous,  before she began to sink under the waves.


Down and down she went until her feet finally touched the bottom of the sea bed.

She looked up at the huge shark circling above her now and feared she had breathed her last breath.


Suddenly, she remembered she had something in her magical “inventory” which would at least buy her some time underwater. She placed the snorkel on her face and started to swim away from the dangerous creature as quickly as she could.

But some very powerful magic was indeed at work again as the shark joined her swimming along through the watery depths, and, strangely, not appearing to want to attack her at all. Gradually she started to relax more and more in his company- and even noticed that he appeared to have a friendly smile on his face.


Throughout the night in which the “Strawberry” full moon coincided with the Summer Solstice Jaserella swam with the shark, exploring all the underwater places she had every dreamt of- and meeting all the other sea creatures. It really seemed that everyone was full of a feeling of love and acceptance of each other, and she found that she no longer needed the snorkel as she could breathe quite well underwater.

In the very early hours of the morning (before it was even light) Jazerella peered out of the water at  the clock face of Big Ben shining under the moon.

Snapshot_018 (3)

She loved the London Sims so much. Could she really go and live under the sea forever – as some of the creatures had asked her to throughout the night. They had communicated to her through strange whistles and soft low humming sounds, which strangely she seemed to understand. The shark himself had spoken of his undying love for her, and his wish for her to marry him. Perhaps he could be the Prince Charming she had been looking for. Which decision do you think our adventurous Jaserella will choose, loyal readers? Only time will tell.

Image taken from page 215 of 'Two Summers in Greenland. An artist's adventures among ice and islands, in fiords and mountains ... Illustrated. [With a map.]'

Some Notes by The Wise Walrus

In real life too the night of June the 20th was  the full moon known as the “Strawberry Moon”. It was also the first time that the moment of Solstice had fallen on the same night as a full moon since 1967.

Has anybody noticed that Jaserella only seems to appear around a full moon?  Perhaps she is herself some kind of mystical being!

The person  behind Jaserella (whoever that may be) also saw this rare phenomenon known as a Fire Rainbow ( a Circumhorizontal Arc) earlier that day in real life. For the science behind what causes these beautiful spectacles, it`s probably best if you click the link below- as I am only a walrus and therefore not that good at meteorology! However  I do know that Fire Rainbows can only be seen when the sun is very high in the sky. In the UK there is only the possibility of seeing them in a 140 hour window sometime between the middle of May and the middle of July.

And finally, in celebration of the London Sims 1oth birthday this year that same person(the one behind Jas) is going to be posting the links to all of the hundreds of blogs she has written for the London Sims. She will also be including some pics to trigger your memories back to the times in question. The entire series is going to be called ” Jas` s London Sims Blog Archives ” -and they will be in chronological order- with the letters of the alphabet succeeding the title of each overall blog only in order to show in which part of the series it comes.

I will be certainly looking forward to reading them,  as I always enjoy increasing my walrussy  wisdom. But for now I`m going for a hearty and well-earned fishy snack. Bye!


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