Kensington`s Swan (or Flamingo) Song by Jas (Blog 255)

April 29, 2014 • News

We said a final farewell to the Kensington buildings, in the old Moments Ballroom last weekend, with a mega-party. The flamingo icon will be used no more – along with the birds themselves who are rumoured to have been relocated to a warmer climate. The party was sponsored by Avination.

 photo 26thapril2_036_zpscc3421b6.png photo 26thapril2_016_zps900bdae9.png photo 26thapril2_039_zpsa43092e9.png

London Team members (above) were a little more sensibly dressed than the guests (below). But , Sarah, London Tube host, ( right) seemed oblivious of her unconscious husband as she danced!

 photo 26thapril2_013_zps27d2ee89.png photo 26thapril2_019_zpsc1043df4.png photo 26thapril2_025_zpse6b2e000.png photo 26thapril2_028_zps8be77615.png

“Kensington Gardens fixes everything, When you’re all I see.
When the world slips away,Kensington Gardens fixes everything,
Fixes everything -Always.”
 (Trembling Blue Stars- Kensington Gardens)
  photo 8993a78f-54c0-4154-8571-53979543bca6_zps45bd0353.png


“Running down Kensington High Street-just got a letter in the mail.

This is no longer my street,

If you look in the paper you`ll find there`s a room up for sale.”

Dead Sea Fruit – Kensington High Street

Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens in the City of Westminster in London, spring 2013 (11)
Peter Pan, which was  originally written as a play by J.M. Barrie, had an interesting connection to the area. Barrie, who lived near Kensington Gardens and took his morning stroll there, added the location to his play. He described the “Lost Boys” as  a group of young boys who fell out of their prams when their mothers were taking them through Kensington Gardens. They became lost forever in the park.The statue of Peter(above)  placed there (in real life) is to remind us of this.

We had our own statues in Kensington in the London Sims, along with St Mary Abbots church.

RIP Kensington – we remember you with fond thoughts.

 photo Snapshot_0793_zps2aedf941.png
But, don`t despair, the London Sims aren`t downsizing. We have just opened a brand new sim. “London Nights” is  adult-rated and will be featuring the Venus and Mars strip bars – along with pr0viding a new home for Northcliffe Coyotes. Keep reading my blogs for more news and pics about this.

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