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Enchanted Woods – London’s Hyde Park

November 5, 2016 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Music, News, Romantic, Second Life, Social Media

Enchanted Woods in London’s Syon Park

London’s ‘Enchanted Woods’, inspired by Syon Park in London, add mystery and magic as cold crisp Fall morphs to magical icy Winter. Enchantment is in the air while fairies, goblins and elves inhabit the land. They set up hunts, games and entertainment for you to win prizes and enjoy. Great place for stunning seasonal photographs – take the pic then join the fun too. Find fairies, collect goodies, hang out with a bunch of London Brits and enjoy the laser show.


WInter Enchanted Woods

Magical Syon Park’s Enchanted Woods


Enchanted Woods at London England UK (inSL)

Autumnal cold brings its own magic in the air. The smell of rich embers on winter fires mingle with the cold crisp air and form crystals as we breathe. As the season draws in, the oranges and browns turn to grays and whites of winter. Hyde Park slowly transforms between these magical seasons until the foggy haws turn into icy blasts, whitening every branch as frosty fingers pass.

Sorcery is afoot as sprites and sprites turn each leaf into a necklace of glittering diamonds. Light shows play tricks – shadows hide elves and other magical creatures.


The Enchanted Woods by Enid Blyton

This time of year when cold nights draw you in front of the fire and you think back to childhood – and maybe to Enid Blyton’s ‘The Enchanted Wood’. Imagine sitting around the fire in thick winter woollies with a hot steaming cup of cocoa, being read to by a kind caring mother before being tucked up tightly in bed. Yes this is before my time and probably yours too, but it’s a lovely dream.

In the book are some incredible characters, like the red goblins, wizards, brownies, pixies and fairies. Can you find any of the characters in the book? If you can, post your pics to the London Facebook group. Win a FREE CASH prize for best picture!


Enchanted Woods

Illustration from Enid Blyton’s Enchanted Woods





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