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ML’s theatrical production of Pink Floyd is at 11am SLT (UK 7pm) in London Hyde Park today. Before the event, we wanted to find out a little more about him and his lovely partner Rhesa.


Floyd Pig

Jules took the opportunity to have some quiet time with Rhesa and asked her a few questions.

Here is what Rhesa says about ML and herself.


Rhesa on ML and herself

OK, let me start with a bit of information about us….

Real Life and Our Influences

ML is a 50 year old Dutch man. He started his Second Life (SL) about 5 years ago, when he immediately got drawn to the music scene. His apprenticeship started as a drummer for Nikkita Mortenworld and Avantgarde. He liked the possibilities in SL to create visual aspects and build nice stages to make the shows more spectacular. Back in those days not many singers used effects or stages so you can say ML set a trend.

Editor’s Note: ML does Pink Floyd so well because his theatrical performance, props and audience interaction simply draw the audience into the performance in exactly the same way Pink Floyd did.

ML and I (Rhesa)  met in real life in 2011, but I was still living in my homeland Belgium. I am 20 years younger then ML but as soon as we met we had a vibe and 6 months later I moved to Holland and have lived there together with ML ever since.


How Rhesa became a singer



When I met ML he showed me SL and I liked the shopping and the creating, but once I had my avatar I didn’t really know what to do with it. I was very sceptical about SL and didn’t talked much to many people. So for 6 months I didn’t do much on SL. Then after a computer karaoke game, ML told me I should go singing in SL…. So I started to sing a short while later with ML as my drummer. My song choices varied and still vary from pop to rock and from old to new.


How ML became a singer

How ML became to sing…. There was this once song I used to do alone called ‘I got you babe’ and I thought….why can’t  ML sing this with me? I had heard him sing so often and he grew up very musical orientated just like me. So I knew he could do it but he had his doubts.

Then one day ML decided to try but after a few notes he threw down the headphones and yelled “I’m not doing this, this is not for me! ….. I’ll just keep drumming”. I smiled on the inside cause I know him and I knew this wasn’t the end. So a few days later we tried again and we tried other songs. We started to practice “When love comes to town” from Bono and BB King….it was awesome. ML rocked with that duet. Then we did “Stop dragging my heart around”… and ML’s confidence grew along with the songs that fitted him.

Back then Rae Mills was the manager from the kickin’ venue and she gave ML a spot….ML freaked out, he was in total panic – he hadn’t enough songs… but once his show started even I was totally blown away. What an energy!!!! Together with his natural talent to talk to people and entertain he really became a worthy singer in SL!

So now ML and I both sing on SL… that’s where the dual shows started. We did a few solo songs, a few duets, and it all came together. We had many laughs singing together….sometimes so much I couldn’t sing a note anymore because I was laughing so much! People called us The dynamic duo and said we are something SL doesn’t have a lot….a real life couple singing.

After a few months we had to stop our dual shows cause ML went on a mission for the army, in those months I didn’t sing much either ’cause I was busy with my job as a nurse and when I had free time… I just didn’t fell like singing without my buddy. When ML came back and started to sing again I didn’t pick it back up ’cause I was in a period in my life when I had to save my energy for real life stuff. So i told him, I’m gonna manage you and make sure your group grows again. And it did, we have wonderful ‘followers’. I hate the word ’cause most of them we see as friends, not just followers.


What’s Happening Now – Pink Floyd


Stage ready for action!

Recently I started to sing here and there again, but I don’t wanna sing every day of the week again… once or twice are good for me. I keep managing ML and we work well together. Dual shows we do more on request now, so when we sing alone we are a bit more serious. (but not much – Editor’s note)

Another thing i must write here is about the Pink Floyd shows. ML and I are big fans of Pink Floyd and it was his dream to do a Floyd show in SL. It’s now a complete live performed show with replica stage, full band, lights, effects, props and audience participation… its been a real success for us and we’re so proud of it. Let me mention the band members as well

The band:
ML: vocals
Rhesa (me): 2nd vocals, guitar and light effects
Kmart: keyboards
Kurtis: drummer

This will give you an idea of how it looks like (video made by sjeng, ML’s real life brother – also a beginning singer in SL)

This is ML his video channel where you can hear songs of ML alone, me alone and some duets:


And the Future?

So what does the future hold? ML is working on another Pink Floyd project from “the wall” and when my throat virus finally will heal I will do a full show off ABBA songs with stage, effects and costumes.


Editor’s Comments

This sounds very exciting and we are proud to have Rhesa and ML in London today!

Already the excitement is ramping up for today’s show.

We’re thrilled to welcome ML and hope to have Rhesa also performing soon in London with her sweet voice.

We look forward to their future performances and thank them for being part of the London Experience!

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