London Flash Mob

October 4, 2014 • Culture & Community, News, People, Second Life, Social Media

London Flash Mob Stuns Crowd

The Flash mobbing craze has arrived in London!

The London Flash Mob

The London Flash Mob

20 avatars descended on the rooftops in Knightsbridge to flash mob the city!

These flash mobs are spontaneous, contagious and could be coming to a location near you! So keep your eyes out in London and especially watch out for these flash mob characters in this video – it could be your home or shop next that gets a ‘London Flash Mob’.

What is a Flash Mob?

A flash mob is a group of people who get together in a public place on impulse. They perform a dance or other entertainment for a brief time, then just leave. Flash mobs are entertaining, spontaneous and usually artistic. They’re often organised using social media or phones. This time it was Second Life!

The term was coined in 2003. The first successful flash mob was held on June 17, 2003 at Macy’s famous department store in New York.

Top Flash Mobs

Taken from YouTube are the top 5 flash mob videos. 3 of the 5 take place in London:

1 Christmas Carols in the Food Court

Be careful where you go for lunch when shopping this Christmas. If you’re in real life London, you too could get into a London Flash Mob. You could even end up in the middle of this:

2 Frozen Still in Grand Central Station, New York

These people stood totally still for a whole 5 minutes. It looks like they were all stopped in time.

3 The T-Mobile Dance in Liverpool Street in London

Another true London flash mob. Watch the whole of Liverpool Street station passengers get with the beat at Liverpool Street for T-Mobile. This one looks infectious.

4 Stockholm does Michael Jackson in Style

Over 300 dancers had less than an hour to learn these moves then took over Stockholm centre to the thrill of the watching crowd. Not just once – but twice – they repeated it in the evening when it was both raining and dark.

5 London Flash Mob in Heathrow Airport

Courtesy of T-mobile, another London Flash Mob appears in the top 5 list. This time using people’s voices as instruments and more like a living story of theatre.

I hope you enjoyed watching these videos and will enjoy more Second Life London Flash Mob videos in future, courtesy of Cazza.



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