5 London Freebies – Grab One Today

July 21, 2016 • Business, Culture & Community, Merchant Spotlight, News, Second Life, Shopping

London Freebies Are All Over The Place

London Freebies are popular winners for the London crowd. Here’s a list of places where you can bag a freebie or two in London. For killer heels and lush lingerie, London is the place for you. There is so much choice here. Be prepared to be blown away by the stores in London.

1. London Freebies Store

Starting with the London Freebies store where you can get several avatars complete with Animation Over riders (AOs) and a full body and clothes.

London Freebies

London Freebies store for some amazing free avatars

2. Move Animations Cologne

Now you’ve got a great avatar, you need an amazing dance routine for your new AO. Pop just down the street to pick up the latest Freebie from Move – then try out some of the dances there. You will be tempted to get more and increase your dancing skills inSL.

London Freebies

Move Cologne Animations

3. Surreality Mesh Rigged T-shirt

Between London Freebies and Move Animations stands Surreality. A store promoting the novel by David J. Lavigne called ‘Watercolors in the Rain’. Here you can get a free T-Shirt featuring the image on the front of the book.

The T-shirt is fully rigged and mesh, so you won’t have any messing around in wearing it.

London Freebies


4.  Fun Stuff @ Novelli Noir

OK so you have a killer avatar now and you want to have some fun. Novelli Noir has a whole heap of free stuff in one machine. From a whole Dr Who Tardis Starter Kit to a Waffle Warrior Kit (don’t ask!).

London Freebies

Novelli Noir Freebies

5. Sexy Undies for that perfect evening @ Miss Jewell

Ĵαумαяíє zєρℓíи (Jaymarie11) has been a sponsor of London for many years now. Her Miss Jewell shop is always very popular with shoppers in London. Seeing this stunning freebie it’s understandable why.

London Freebies

Miss Jewell sexy undies






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