Gallery Hanging in Second Life London

August 19, 2014 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, News, Second Life, Shopping

London Gallery


Michael Parkes in Kensington

A London hanging is always the pinnacle of every artist’s profession. Accompanied by pomp and ceremony, many artists dream of their own ‘hanging’. Now that the hanging tree has gone at Tyburn, then we must mean something else?

Of course, a ‘hanging’ is the phrase used when works of art are displayed for public or private viewing. For an artist, to have someone admire your work – it’s the best you can hope for. Artists long to have their work hung in places like New York, Paris and also London. So, some of our virtual artists (and real artists who display virtually) have achieved hanging space in London.


Graham Collinson’s Gallery @ The Underground

There are two galleries, both in Knightsbridge, which are well worth taking a look at. One has stunning virtual scenes on show and the other has surrealist works of art made in the real world from many modern artists.

These works of art are worth studying if you have a spare afternoon or just fancy exploring something a little different from your usual Second Life. They may broaden your mind, they may amuse you or they may bore you to death. Go and find out what stimulates you and what bores you. If you’re very lucky you can buy a copy of a picture you love for your own living room wall, because some of these works of art are actually for sale!


Unusual Works @ The Knightsbridge Gallery

While exploring the art work, it’s also worth dropping out into the local park and hanging out a little. The tranquil duck pond is a great place to sit alone and think or for a couple to romance a while.


Parks and homes outside the Galleries

Take a walk around the homes there and have a look at the ones available to rent. You’ll be surprised at how much is on offer to you for such a small amount of money in Second Life London.





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