London Gardens in Second Life

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Garden Tour of London inSL

You may have noticed that London (both in the real world and virtual) has plenty of gardens. Because people in London have smaller gardens the communal garden became fashionable. In Second Life London we adopted this style of communal gardens. If you look around, you’ll find a lot of little gardens around the sims, just there for sharing and relaxing.



London Garden between Hyde Park and Knightsbridge created by Toxie.


These gardens are dotted all over London. They’re great places for romance, exploring the city wildlife, finding new games to play and making them your own hideaway from the hustle and bustle of the hub.


Garden in Hyde Park

Hyde Park formal garden by Toxie


One feature that makes London totally unique in Second Life is the many gardens dotted throughout these city sims. Knightsbridge enjoys several small public gardens.  Each one of these is unique and different.   In the centre of the region is a duck pond where you can sit and watch ducks swimming.


Gardens in London

Fountain in Knightsbridge Garden @ London inSL created by Terry Wumpole.


Nearby the pond, in front of the apartments, is a lovely town garden designed by Terry Wumpole.



Entrance to the town garden created by Terry Wumpole


The town garden is a great place to stroll into and chill out to take the strain out of your busy life. You can relax, put your feet up and enjoy the bird sounds all around you.


Garden hopscotch

Hopscotch in Knightsbridge


Spot the hopscotch near the entrance as you meander into the garden. There’s evidence of fun and playtime here.



A peek over the fence of a London homes garden.


While in Knightsbridge, sneak a peek over some of the fences and check out some of the amazing gardens the residents have created for themselves too.


Private Garden in London

Lovely Private Garden in London owned by Terry Wumpole


I’m sure they’d be delighted to know that you’d bothered to admire their gardens and appreciate their flora.



Knightsbridge Hub garden seating area


After visiting the duck pond and the town garden go across the region by walking along Sloane Street.  Then turn left towards sexy Brits. At the end of the road to the left you’ll see Graham Collinson’s art gallery in the Underground building and to the right you’ll see a new info hub with its simple garden with seating areas.


Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one huge communal city garden.


Finally go through Sexy Brits and on to Big Ben.  From there you’ll get a view across Hyde Park which in itself is one big green lush area.  Within it you’ll also find lovely formal gardens created by Toxie next to the mansions at Palace Gardens.


garden landscaping

Hyde Park formal gardens designed by Toxie


This garden is perfect for photographs and for romance with a special person. Once you’ve explored Hyde Park take herself over to Mayfair and start at Marble Arch.


Garden Hub

Mayfair Garden Hub between the shops.


From there you’ll see the Coach and Horses pub, behind which is the Mayfair hub where you can hang out, play games and explore other locations.



Regent Street Mansions private gardens


Finally after you have taken in all the other gardens in London, take a stroll down Regent Street.  Here you’ll find some magnificent mansions with beautifully ornate gardens.




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