London hits the SL Enquirer!!

September 10, 2013 • Business, Culture & Community, Entertainment, Home & Garden, News

Debi Palmira, General Manager of London inSL was interviewed by Tea Couturier of the SL Enquirer, she was asked many questions about London and Demented DJs.

Debi Palmi

It’s fascinating to get the gen on such an interesting and amazing lady. She single-handed runs Demented DJ’s – the most awesome trance DJs in SL and RL, as well as manages London inSL and heads the whole team there, making sure everyone has a good time.

Debi’s role isn’t easy. She manages the other team leaders as well as doing her own work as well.

Thankfully she has Jason Keegan, in charge of Entertainment in London, with his great team, including Roach Draconai, manager of Jelly Bean in the park.

She also has Wiccy and his fabulous scripting which makes prim things work around here as well as Nancy and the greeter team, Candi and the parks team and Keira and the creative development team. Bigga with the whole sim redevelopment, and a whole host of names that need recognizing (and each will be one day in a blog article).

Debi is not alone, she manages a host of people who are all such great creators, sensitive helpers and thrilling entertainers. Thanks all and thanks Debi!

20130827 party_005
Debi helping a merchant
debi & team in SL_002
Debi with the architects creating more housing
20130823 Snapshot_053
Debi in Hyde Park checking out the Jelly Bean club

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