London inSL Team Party

November 7, 2011 • News

Sunday was our time to play – and our team play as hard as they work.

Here are a few pictures of our wonderful party where the team relaxed and enjoyed each others company.

We have to thank Jessii2009 Warrhol for this event. It was her idea all along that the team that work together, should play together. 
She donated many prizes for the team, which were won by well deserving team members. 
Well done TEAM and a big THANK YOU JESSII!!

Now enjoy our video…..

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One Response to London inSL Team Party

  1. Mia Deluca says:

    Was a great party. We have great staff in London and love working together. It is nice to all just party with the staff and a guest that we bring. Was loads of fun. Look forward to next one 🙂 GO TEAM LONDON.. WE ROCK

    HUGS, Mia (Coach and Horses Pub Manager)

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