It’s Official – London is the most expensive city in the world to live!

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So Now it’s official. London living outcosts anywhere else in the world. Not good for people who work therebut cannot afford the prices. Here’s an option for you to have the feel of London without the costs.

London Property Prices in the Real World

Recent findings from Savills Real Estate Agents show that London is above all other places in the world when it comes to a place to have property! Their index measures the total costs per employee for renting living and working space on a US dollar basis and in 12 major world cities.

London living

London Diamond Glitters

Renting in real world London would set you back a cool £73,750 ($121,000), compared to the second most pricey place, Hong Kong. Savills Real Estate Agents have been collecting information on properties from all across the world for the past 6 years and comparing the cost of property in major cities across the world. Because of rises in rentals and the strong pound (£), London has outstripped all its competitors for being the most expensive global location.

Cheaper Options for London Living

If you want to bag a home in London at a really great price take a look at the wonderful homes we have on offer in Second Life. Far removed from real world pricing, yet with the same luxury, taste and style, these homes are perfect for you.

London living

London Apartments at just $60 a week

Whether you live in real London or not, you can still have a fabulous affordable London home here.

London Living

Classic Georgian Style London Homes

Just as with real London, Second Life London offers you a lot to do in terms of entertainment and living. Shopping is a high priority for our London community. Luckily we have amazing shops for people to choose from, sopping is a fun activity in London to share with your friends.

London living

Shoppng Centre in London

How About Living Here?

Sure! London has the top exclusively designed properties in all of Second Life. Not available on the marketplace (but often copied), these homes are based on the home of one of London’s team members in real life Holland Park.

Typical Holland Park Home

They’re all available with a basic but upmarket set of furniture which you can either add to or choose to replace.

London living showing off great home interior.

London Home Interiors are fully furnished

For just L$399 you can get yourself a truly luxurious pad, fully furnished and with an additional 100 prims to personalise your home.

London living - personalising your home.

Personalising Your Home

We’ve often been told this is the best deal in Second Life. We don’t know about that – but we do know it’s such a great place we never want to leave it. Many people agree with us on this sentiment.

London living enjoyed by many.

Lots of people love London. It’s here they live, play, work and shop.

Take a look today and see if there’s a home that’s just right for you!

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