See what ‘One Day In London’ Is Like In This Second Life Machinima Video by Janusz Rau

July 2, 2014 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Music, News, People, Second Life, Social Media

Machinima of ‘One Day In London’

Thanks to Janusz Rau for creating this awesome machinima video about London in Second Life – in one day! It shows you a snapshot of all the exciting things that’re going on in London every day. All video footage was shot in just one day.

'A Day In London' Machinima

Janusz Rau

The machinima uses some of the great features offered by Second Life, like changes in environment, atmosphere and mood. It also shows the full impact of the great avatar creations and buildings possible these days. See the ultra-detailed mesh builds by Biggaglitch Keng and the materials used on Big Ben taken by Bigga from an exclusive build by Kiyoshi Nyoki in another platform and featured in this machinima video.

A Day In London' Machinima

Big Ben in the video

The sims are now managed by Jason Keegan. You can see the vibrancy he’s brought to London with the help of the fabulous team he’s built here now.

A Day In London' Machinima

Jason lets his hair down

Entertainment, events, music, fun, meeting people and having a good time are continuous 24×7. The centres of these events are London’s Hyde Park and the Adult area at King’s Square. There’s always something new to do in London, as this machinima video shows.

A Day In London' Machinima

Tribute Band

What is Machinima?

The term ‘Machinima’ was invented in 2000 by Hugh Hancock from a contraction of the words ‘machine cinema’. Machinima is the art of putting together video clips from games and virtual worlds and making a story out of them. They use real time computer graphics like game clips to create computer animations. Second Life is one of the many games uses by machinimists (or machinimators). Machinima was first widely known through the Quake game. ‘Diary of a Camper’ was a 100 second demo containing a brief story set around the gameplay.

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