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August 25, 2014 • Culture & Community, News, People, Second Life

NEW London Mayfair Hub Hangout and Shopping Centre

Check out the new London Mayfair hub. It’s set in the centre of the busy shopping District of London Mayfair.

New London Mayfair Hub

Jason checking out the new London Mayfair Hub.

Loads of space to hang out, seating, games, competitions, freebies, and the usual second life London welcome.

London Mayfair Shopping Centre

While here also check out the awesome shops. London has the best designers in second life. Shops include main stores, affiliates and satellite stores.

New London Mayfair Hub

Busy Shops in London Nights and London Mayfair

Many of the bargains in the stores are ‘London only’ lines, so by visiting London you can pick up a great design at a great price.

London’s Famous Squares

The new HUB design is based on the famous London squares, such as Leicester Square. It’s a genuine famous location in real life London Mayfair. Leicester Square is often full of street artists, entertainers, mime artists and evangelists, all eager to entertain you.

New London Mayfair Hub

Regulars and new visitors check out the NEW London Mayfair Hub

Regular visitors love to find out what’s happening in London. So come along and see the artists for yourself.

Fun, Frolics and Fools

While here were not come up with your own act? Whether you be a clown, a dancer, or have something you want to share. It’s a great place to entertain and be entertained. After all that’s exactly what second life is all about.

New London Mayfair Hub

Fun and entertainment in the new London Mayfair Hub

If you’re really lucky you may get to see estate manager Jason Keegan doing his thing! Maybe he’ll even have his pink dress on and be wearing his white boots with pink hearts on too. For sure you’ll find one of the London team keen to give you a good time, telling jokes, dancing, helping out users and giving tours of the shops and sims.

Hunts, Shops and Ad Boards

Hunts are also a feature of London Mayfair, so get your sleuth set on and see how well you do in the Mayfair hunt.

New London Mayfair Hub

Ad Boards available at the new London Mayfair Hub

If you’re looking for a shop or an Ad board, grab one now! This is a new hub and like all other busy London areas, will fill up fast and be in great demand!

New London Mayfair Hub

Freebles by the hub.

London Mayfair, is the only choice you can make for the best shops and entertainment in second life.




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