London Merchants Spotlight by Jas (Blog 4)

August 15, 2012 • Merchant Spotlight


Our spotlight this month focuses on the store “Sa Roligt”, based in Mayfair,….



… and its owner Rolig Loon .

 About Rolig:-

Rolig Loon has been a resident  in Second Life for five and a half years, and says she joined because of  “curiosity and a dare”. She says that very few things strike her as strange here any more, and adds ”  I am primarily a scripter, so much of my time is spent writing scripts for other residents or for the Community Virtual Library” (where she is a manager).  “I also do a fair amount of building,” She continues,” And when I am not in world, I am often in SL’s Answers Forum or the LSL Scripting Forum, where I help answer questions about the way things work in SL (or why they don’t).”

About her store:-

  When I  asked Rolig what inspired her to start her own business in Second Life (over five years ago), she said that she hadn`t been able to find clothes that suited her style. She had then decided that (“as second life businesses have no risk”) she`d  see if other people liked the same look as her, and appreciated her creations. She says she has been pleasantly surprised. She decided to relocate her business to the London Sims, as she felt that the proximity of the Hyde Park Welcome Area added a “vitality often missing in well established sims”. She also  spoke about loving the architecture here, along with the general feel of the sims.

She talks about her clothing being  for “dynamic professional women”, and how those  who shop at Sa Roligt are “confident and proud to be feminine”. She talks about her clothes being the sort of thing you could wear to the office in real life, or out with a friend, and says that she also designs a few items for “those on-the-go weekends, when you want someones undivided attention.”

“The sign on the shop says it all,”she smiles “smart clothes for smart women.”

When I asked her what her plans are for the future of her store, she laughs that she doesnt like to design to a schedule. She adds that she s “often as surprised as the customer” when the mood strikes her to bring out a new design!

That s what this reporter thinks is true creativity, and I hope that Rolig s Mayfair business continues to go from strength to strength.


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