London rentals

London Rentals Made Easier With New Estate Office

September 18, 2014 • Homes To Let, News, Property News, Rentals, Second Life, Shop Rentals, Tech & Gadgets

London Rentals Are Easy For You

London rentals are easier to do because London Mayfair now has a brand new estate office.

London rentals

Real Estate Office

You can see all London shops and homes to rent in one place.

This is a unique new system created by Jason Keegan where all rentals throughout all London sims are displayed in just one place.

London Rentals

Jason Keegan standing outside the real estate office with Sun

You can see exactly where each property is for sale and rent property direct through this new mapping system.

London rentals

Mapping system showing shops and homes to rent

Each micro rental box on the map is clickable and has a teleport direct to that location. There is just one box shown for each property available.

London rentals

Map showing green boxes for available shops in London Mayfair

Only available properties are shown, so there will be no confusion about whether a property is available or not.

This system is an imporvement on others because it only shows you the information you want.

London rentals

Checking out the great property in London

There are no confusing ‘rented’ boxes shown on the map. Another unique feature is that all sims can be shown at one location.Instead of having to travel to several offices (one in each sim) you can find your best location in one place, where you can select from all property available in the London Estate.

So come along down and check it out for your new property in Second Life London!

London rentals

Check out your new place in London




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