London Residents’ Winter Decoration Competition

November 23, 2014 • Culture & Community, Garden Design, Home & Garden, News, People, Property News, Second Life

Ho Ho Ho It’s Winter!

Winter time is also a good time for fun. Over Christmas all you need is money. The London team put our heads together and worked out how we can help one lucky London resident make enough money to buy all their Christmas presents. So start that Holiday present list and start decorating today.

Winter Decoration Contest- WIN $5,000

Winter Decoration


We know how much you love your homes so want to invite you to decorate them in true festive style. London invites you as a resident to take part in our winter contest to dress your home up in true winter style. As you can see from this picture of Sun’s home, everyone is already getting into the spirit of Christmas. You can win a massive prize 5 thousand Linden dollars! That amounts to a whole 3 months of free rent, a HUGE pile of presents, some fabulous holiday clothes or a whole new look to your home.

Tasteful Design

There are many ways to decorate your home. Some are tasteful and others are not. Your home in Second Life London is how you show the world who you are. It’s up to you whether you choose to make your home look like Santa’s Grotto, something out of the Grinch or a classic Dickens style home. We’ll be judging on style, use and overall attractiveness of your home (The competition only applies to roadside appeal, not the interior of your home).

Winter Decoration

Winter Decoration Excess

Winter Decoration Competition Judging

The Competition starts on the 1st December and judges make their choice on the 20th December – just in time for you to spend all those lovely Linden Dollars!

The panel of judges will consist of London Team members and other well-known people in Second Life. The winner will be given the money on that day. We plan to hold an event at which we will announce the winner on that day.

Winter Decoration Competition Rules

1. Only open to residents of the London sims.

2. You must remain within your given prim allocation.

3. If you need more prims, ask for a prim increase.

4. No excessive scripting please. If the scripts you use are too high, we will be obliged to ask you to take care of them

5. Have Fun – this is your time to show off what you can do an enjoy yourself.


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