London Shines at the Entertainment Awards Banquet!

August 1, 2011 • Entertainment

Today was the London Entertainment Awards Banquet, where DJ’s, Hosts, Greeters, Managers, and the London Team was honored with a variety of awards.  Staff and vips voted the past week on their favorite picks for sims, clubs, djs, hosts, and greeters!  London Sims founder and owner, Debs Regent was also honored and received a standing SL ovation for her hard work in creating London in the first place!  Three lucky winners also each won 500L’s from the Raffle board at the event! Below is a listing of award recipients and photos of this event.  Look for another blog post that contains some of the award recipient speeches.  As always Team London continued to shine and made the day theirs!

Club Capital VIP Award:
3 way tie – DJ -Anakin, Crysis,and Morphman Resident
Host – Rinka Haiku
Club Capital Staff:
DJ-Steph Lytham
Host-Roseanne Rosenstar
Coach and Horses Staff Award:
DJ Mia Deluca
Host Tamara Daxeline
Coach and Horses VIP Award:
DJ Steph Lytham
DJ Tamara Daxeline
5th Ave Staff Award:
DJ Zang
Host Sammy
5th Ave VIP Award:
2 way tie:  DJ Zang and DJ Julianne
Host Sammy
Mayhem Staff Award:
DJ Anakin 
Host AJ
Mayhem VIP Award:
DJ Crysis
Host EA
Retrograde Staff Award:
DJ Baylor
Host Donna
Retrograde VIP Award:
DJ Croft
Host Donna
The Greyhound Awards:
DJ Keif
Ed Follet

London Gossip Award:
Best Club-3 Way Tie: Coach & Horses, Capital, and Retrograde


Sim-Hyde Park-went to blonde

London Web Award:
London Mayfair
London Greeter Staff  Award:
Croft Atolia
London Greeters Survey Award:
Ruby Tierbal
Managers Award (Chosen by the managers of London):
Hyde Park Manager’s Award -Ruby Tierbal 
Coach & Horse’s Manager’s Award-Pyp Mifflin
Retrograde’s Manager Award-Prettybones Flux
Rob Fenwitch & Sweetdizzy Dumpling received manager’s awards from Jessii Warrhol

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

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