Shops in London Nights Overlooking Busy Park

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Have you ever wanted a shop in London but been too afraid to ask?

London Nights has two superb locations waiting for you to try out your skills as a merchant. Both shops are overlooking the famous Hyde Park in the ‘London England UK’ sim. These stores are ideal for lingerie, poses, furniture and other Adult themed items.

1 Kensington Road – London Nights Shop

The first great store on offer is 1 Kensington Road. This store has 1024 m2 of shopping space. Like a mini-mall, it’s sized for any self respecting store owner.

1 Kensington Road (CLICK IMAGE TO VISIT)

It fronts onto the very busy Hyde Park and is close to the famous Hyde Park HUB but located in an Adult sim, giving the owner a wider range of products to display. There is also an open area to the side which can be negotiated for.

London Shops

Park frontage for 1024m2 shop in London Nights

3 Kensington Road – London Nights Shop

This store is a single store at 512m2. The startign prim allocation is also 50 prims, but in a shop that’s half the size. Suitable for a merchant who wants to show off his goods in a smaller store. It’s a good store for tattoos or clothing.

3 Kensington Road

Prim allocation is the usual 50 prims for $399 but all prims are upgradable on request. Shops are made out of mesh and use materials and lighting to good effect. If you’d like to eenquire more about this store, contact Debs Regent or Jason Keegan in Second Life.

London Nights

London Nights is a popular adult rated sim. As part of the ‘London’ sim group, it’s a vital part of the mix. The adult Hub area is used a lot for chatting, playing games and hanging out. It’s a meeting location for friends and a place to meet new people. Many regulars hang out here and check out the shops around the Hub Area. It’s important to keep our stock fresh and rotated, so your customers’ attention is always drawn back to ‘your store’. Nowadays people are crying out for mesh clothing They are no longer content with prim attachments, it’s ‘go mesh’ nowadays. For designers this is a challenge, because a lot of previously popular stock is no longer moving off the shelves.

Marketplace is notoriously competitive so makes it difficult to get sales. To gain a following these days, you have to be fresh and innovative. So come along to London and get your shop here where we work with you to make sure your designs get the best attention and the best sales.

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