London Sims “Moments” Girls Need Men!! by Jas (Blog 217)

January 12, 2014 • Entertainment, Music, News, Romantic

Ok blog readers, that`s not quite as bad as it sounds! The Moments Ballroom in Kensington are suffering a serious shortage of male dance partners for our lovely women. Surely there must be some chivalrous men left in Second Life, who are willing to be a dance partner for a few hours!

Snapshot_069 (6)

DJ JB Goodes (below,right) romantic tunes are so great that they get us on our feet and dancing- even if he wont partner, us as he will only dance with his girlfriend Jayde.

(Aww- there are some romantics left in the world, at least.)

Snapshot_085 (2)


So, at the moment, it`s only the lucky ones who get to do couples dances.

Snapshot_082 (2)

Dont worry guys -its not all serious here either.

Last night`s event showed we know how to have a laugh and be silly,too.

Snapshot_077 (6)


Snapshot_079 (2)

So, gentlemen of Second Life, please reveal yourselves. We are reaching out for you.

Snapshot_053 (4)

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