London Tradition of Norwegian Spruce Presentation now in 7th Year

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London Tradition Since 2007

London Tradition

Traditional Norwegian Spruce

London tradition marks up another notch this year. Every year since 2007 ‘Second Norway’ and ‘Second Life London’ have come together to take part in the annual ceremony that commemorates Norway donating a tree to London. This tree stands magnificently in the park and is a testimony to the longevity of Norway and London in Second Life.

This Event Mirrors Real Life

This event mirrors a real life event where Norway and Britain remember their joint heritage and ties with Norway’s donation of a huge Christmas tree. This event has taken place since 1947 and represents the gratitude the Norwegian people had towards Britain for their support during World War II. During the war, King Olav V of Norway, who was a national symbol of resistance to Nazi Germany’s occupation of his country in World War II, led his Government in exile in England.

A tree has been given annually since 1947

London Traditional Tree

The Norwegian Spruce stands in Trafalgar Square

A plaque beneath the tree says:

This tree is given by the city of Oslo as a token of Norwegian gratitude to the people of London for their assistance during the years 1940-45.

60 Years Later another Tradition is born

London Tradition

Norwegian Spruce in Second Life London England UK

The Norwegian Spruce has been prominently displayed in Trafalgar Square since 1947, from the beginning of December until 6 January. This was first mirrored in Second Life 60 years later, although the tree’s location is slightly changed to be more visible inside Hyde Park.

Thanks To The Second Norway Team

London Tradition

Ey Ren giving the tree to London

Every year this event happens because of the dedication Ey Ren from Second Norway. We in London thank Ey Ren for his wonderful speech at the official presentation and to Second Norway for their generous donation of this wonderful Norwegian Spruce. Slayer Enyo and Mialinn Telling of Second Norway were an important part of this success so we also extend a huge thank you to them. Thanks have to go to everyone involved in both communities for their massive contributions to this event.

A Mark of Mutual Respect and Cooperation between Communities

London Tradition

Ey Ren making his annual speech in London

This tree has been the mark of mutual respect between our countries for decades and now is a mark of respect between London and Norway in Second Life.

As our joint ceremony in Second Life is now in its 7th year, we celebrate this wonderful relationship for the 7th time. As Ey said “it is now truly an SL tradition”.

Norway itself has grown and is now part of the Blake Sea complex. London has also grown in community spirit. It’s more popular than ever as a home, a hangout and a shopping district. Both communities have grown and flourished in different ways, yet our bond of friendship and unity gets tighter every year.

Thanks to the London Team

London Tradition

Entertainment Manager Roach Draconia leads the post ceremony celebration as the first DJ to play

We also need to thank Jason, Roach and everyone in London that has worked so hard to make this event a success and for their continued hard work throughout the year. The London team gives an important thanks to its community. London is a vibrant community with many wonderful people in it, all who wanted to celebrate this great event with a big party.

Party Time after the Official Ceremony

London Tradition

Phe in her stunning Ball gown

After the ceremony, it was time to let our hair hang down, so we all joined in together with revelations and party spirit. Of course the competition was ‘best in Christmas’. With a whopping $5000 Lindens to win, the competition was intense. Phe won the competition with her stunning red frock that was second to none.

DJs make the Celebration Party 4 hours long

London Tradition

DJ Lazy hits the decks

After DJ Roach, DJ Lazy hit the decks and provided us with another 2 hours of music. It was a very busy and very bright event. Another year of celebration with Second Norway.

More Pictures of the Event below

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